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"Original" stall uncle said I compared blockchain to iron chain

Time : 27/03/2022 Author : emwiy6 Click : + -
        You old comrades know to deceive us. Over the years, after unremitting efforts, you have finally turned thousands of pieces of steel and cement into a house of 100 million square meters; If we don't find another way out and get 100000 strings of numbers and letters to sell to you, how can I afford your house! How can you live up to this era!. Recently, I have been studying the Yellow Book of Genaro and want to write an article to explain this project, but I have consulted a lot of materials. So far, there is no overall framework to elaborate in depth, so the master decided to explain it to you when the research is thorough.
        Since yesterday, with the sharp decline of bitcoin, other currencies have fallen one after another. Caused the panic in the current market. The EOS mentioned in the last article sold at the price of 60, so it has been on the list at the price of 54 and 52. As a result, when I woke up, the price of EOS had fallen to 49 yuan. It's exciting to think about it. At present, the whole market is still relatively deserted, and there is no new capital to enter. The current domestic situation, whether P2P, real estate, stock market and other industries are currently in a downturn. So in the short term, the currency circle is the same, and it will slowly fall in the future. The BTC mining contract bought some time ago has fallen below the mining cost price, and the daily expenses can no longer cover the maintenance costs.
        Therefore, we must avoid the game of capital disk, cloud computing power and other projects. Now those who have spare money are not recommended to enter the currency circle and maintain sufficient cash flow. I didn't have you when I studied blockchain. I compare blockchain to iron chain. Blockchain is a revolution, a revolution in which the proletariat all over the world unite. Bitcoin, bitcoin, is a special currency. The longer, the less, the more valuable! When I was founded, I bought two bitcoins. I have a friend who had it before liberation. Now it's worth two suites. Nakamoto Cong is the Chinese onion, commonly known as Nakamoto Cong. For some time, an aunt explained smart contracts, and now an uncle explained blockchain knowledge. If uncle's deception ability had been two years earlier, he would certainly have become a big man in the currency circle.
        So blockchain makes everything possible. Blockchain has changed the book sales of the stall uncle, and it can also change our fate.
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