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Live broadcast of huocoin University: how to "turn crisis into opportunity" with the help of new blockchain thinking when the global financial storm siren sounds?

Time : 22/07/2021 Author : 95t610 Click : + -
        The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 3000 points, the largest decline in history. The Federal Reserve cut interest rates urgently and offered zero interest rates again. Buffett said, "I've lived 89 years and haven't seen this scene." The world witnessed the third fusing of U.S. stocks. The siren of the global financial storm sounded, and no one could stay out of it. However, "danger" and "opportunity" are always accompanied, and crisis is also an opportunity for transformation. Yu Jianing, President of Huo coin University and doctor of economics, believes that since the outbreak of the epidemic, new business forms such as remote office, online conference and online education have risen rapidly all over the world. Behind the new business form is a new model, and behind the new model is a new thinking. The opportunity for enterprises to change their thinking and carry out innovation and transformation with the help of new technology to seek future development has come.
        Blockchain is the breakthrough of independent innovation of China's core technology, the booster of industrial innovation, and the important cornerstone of "new economy" and "new infrastructure". So, how to establish new thinking and find a new way out with the help of blockchain? At 9 p.m. on March 19, in the live broadcast room of Huo coin University, we will help you find the answer at that time!. The epidemic seems to have pressed the pause button for the development of all walks of life, and all kinds of negative noise rose for a time. However, the former "SARS" made more people recognize e-commerce, "Wenchuan earthquake" revitalized the insurance industry, "novel coronavirus" brought crisis, but also gave enterprises the opportunity to innovate and develop and find a new way out. "Building ‘ blockchain thinking ’ is the key to breaking through the 2020 financial storm.
        ”Yu Jianing said, "from 2020, a series of ‘ blockchain +’ ‘ ten billion level cases will emerge. The new track has been opened, and the trillion level market curtain has opened. Both individuals and enterprises should seize this rare opportunity.". In the process of finding a new way out and realizing innovation and transformation, it is the most critical to change thinking. The reason why human beings can defeat all kinds of beasts stronger than us is that through cooperation and win-win results, they finally rise in nature. The essence of blockchain is consensus and win-win, but how to make blockchain technology specific to the actual situation? The key is to establish blockchain thinking.
        As the guest of this big class, Yu Jianing, The basic logic of blockchain and "blockchain thinking" will be fully explained during the live broadcast ", systematically introduce the knowledge map of the blockchain era, as well as how to effectively allocate assets and grasp the direction of the blockchain industry, layout in advance, and grasp the opportunities of the times in the case of financial turmoil. At the same time, huocoin University will sincerely launch the online live broadcast course — — blockchain excellence training camp during the live broadcast. This course is based on the profound teaching experience of huocoin University in the field of blockchain education, and the content covers Blockchain technology, application mode analysis, token economics, industrial trends and other industry cutting-edge knowledge help students quickly achieve a 0-1 breakthrough in blockchain cognition, establish a "blockchain +" knowledge system, and become outstanding blockchain leaders in the new era.
        Huo coin university is an industry education institution focusing on the application of blockchain and the development of digital economy. It takes the cultivation of top entrepreneurs in the field of blockchain and digital economy as the core, takes "promoting the implementation and application of cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, and promoting the deep integration of digital economy and real economy" as its own responsibility, and focuses on the teaching and research of new distributed business models, new applications of blockchain technology, new systems of digital finance and other cutting-edge fields. The siren of the global financial storm sounded. If you want to know how to use the new thinking of blockchain to "turn crisis into opportunity" and realize the counter attack after the epidemic, then you must pay attention to the live broadcast of Huo coin University on March 19, 21:00-22:00, "how to use blockchain to" turn crisis into opportunity "when the siren of the global financial storm sounded?".
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