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Time : 19/08/2021 Author : oaurl8 Click : + -
        Yuyue digital collection platform was founded by zhongchuangyuanyu (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. the members of the nuclear founding team come from domestic well-known blockchain technology teams, national authoritative media institutions, senior art institutions, head Internet technology companies, etc. to contribute to the response of blockchain technology in the digital field, benefit the main innovation ability of blockchain, continue to promote the digital transformation of industry, promote the development of digital assets, and focus on the casting of digital collections Development and circulation build a state network to realize value landing. In the first half of the year, although the car market was still deeply affected by the epidemic and chip crisis, the recovery of China's car market was also visible under the effective domestic response; Therefore, today we will take stock of the heavy new cars that came into market in the first half of this year.
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