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Using blockchain "smart contracts", three post-95 swindled more than 1300 people for hundreds of millions of yuan

Time : 07/11/2021 Author : e9lo10 Click : + -
        Three post-95s who "started their own business" after graduating from university made a profit of billion yuan in less than a year, opened a McLaren 650s worth 4million, a Ferrari California t worth 3million, and bought a luxury villa &hellip worth 8million& hellip;。 On July 10, surging news () learned from the Ouhai District Public Security Branch of Wenzhou City, Zhejiang province that the Bureau recently cracked the country's first case of using blockchain "smart contract" crime, and arrested 10 suspect, involving more than 100 million yuan. On July 9, the procuratorial organ approved the arrest of five major members of the criminal gang on suspicion of fraud.
        In April this year, Ouhai Public Security Branch received a report from Mr. Li, a citizen, and said that it had joined a telegraph (overseas instant chat tool) exchange group called "Huo coin global brick moving arbitrage HT Chinese group community". The group owners released some "brick moving arbitrage tutorials" in the group. Many group friends share their experience within the group, saying that they have made profits by following the tutorial. "Eth (ether coin) and HT (fire coin) are virtual currencies like BTC (bitcoin), which people are familiar with. In short, it means that you transfer your eth to the account designated by the other party, and the other party will return 1:60 HT. The value-added part of HT after exchange is the money I earn, and the profit is about 8%.
        However, when I transferred 10 eth worth 12000 yuan to the account provided by the group owner, the other party returned 600 false HT that could not be traded. When I contacted the other party and wanted to make it clear, the other party had already pulled me black. " Mr. Li told the police handling the case. The police soon found that the traditional investigation methods were difficult to be effective in dealing with such new crimes. The police quickly changed their thinking and found that the group manager joined by Mr. Li had been illegally obtaining the victim's eth by using his own HT "smart contract", and the clues of the case began to surface gradually. The so-called smart contract is a computer protocol designed to disseminate, verify or execute contracts in an information-based manner.
        Smart contracts allow trusted transactions without third parties, which are traceable and irreversible. After investigation, the police found that there were dozens of chat groups called "Huo coin global brick moving arbitrage HT Chinese group community", with more than 13000 members, but more than 10000 accounts were not online all the year round. This is the zombie account that the suspect applied for in order to foil the size of the group. Most of the remaining online staff are controlled by computer robots, and they will only reply to some pre edited information such as "tutorials are effective and profitable". Finally, there are only a few administrator accounts that are truly online. Their task is to publish tutorials to lure victims into being cheated.
        Such a configuration seems to constitute a complete crime framework within the group. Dozens to hundreds of people join the group every day and are regarded as "lambs to be slaughtered". Through the "trust" in the group, the criminals convinced the victims, transferred eth to the account provided by the "group owner" and returned false HT without any value, thus illegally making profits. After more than a month of investigation and judgment, the police finally mastered a large amount of criminal evidence of the fraud Gang, confirmed the criminal gang headed by Chen, Yu and Xu, and locked their scope of activities. On June 4, with the cooperation of Fuzhou police, Ouhai police arrested all 10 suspect in a luxury villa and a commercial house in Cangshan District of Fuzhou, seized more than 30 mobile phones and computers at the scene, and seized more than 20000 virtual currencies such as Eth and BTC; Three luxury cars such as McLaren and Ferrari were seized, and three real estates with a total value of more than 13 million yuan were seized.
        After investigation, the suspect Chen, Yu, Xu and other three post-95s are all from Fujian and college classmates. Shortly after graduation, the three chose to "start a business" together with their interest in computers and their understanding of virtual currency. They recruited seven employees to carry out "business training" on computer and blockchain knowledge, and also assigned them detailed tasks such as registering blockchain wallet addresses, selling stolen goods, chatting with victims, daily management, etc. Subsequently, they rented hundreds of overseas servers to carry out fully automated program control of the crime link. Chen and others used blockchain "smart contract" technology to commit a crime madly. After illegally obtaining a large number of victim eth, they cashed out and squandered it wantonly.
        They go in and out of bars and nightclubs every night, live in high-end villas and presidential suites in high-end hotels all year round, and even brazenly rent large office buildings as crime venues. Since 2019, the gang has illegally obtained more than 50000 eth virtual currencies from the victims by using false HT "smart contracts". Up to now, the police have information about more than 1300 people cheated across the country, involving a value of more than 100 million yuan.
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