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Orco cloud chain SkyEye pro20 selected typical cases to upgrade and strengthen the blockchain security network

Time : 22/04/2022 Author : shbq56 Click : + -
        At the beginning of 2022, zero one think tank released the "Atlas report 2021 of China's digital technology service providers", which reviews the service providers that have played a central role in the wave of the digital economy with the theme of "Empowering intelligence with data on the cloud". As a typical case selected, the report shows the online data analysis platform "SkyEye on the chain" under okoyun chain, and reveals the newly upgraded version of pro2.0. Since the national development and Reform Commission and the Internet information office put forward the action of "going to the cloud, using data, and empowering intelligence", the direction of enterprise digital transformation has become clearer, and all industries have accelerated the pace. At the same time, the registered exchange has expanded, and the soil for the growth of digital technology service providers has improved.
        It is common for relevant enterprises to apply for listing, which undoubtedly comes to the golden season for the development of digital technology service providers. With the frequent emergence of new criminal techniques and the frequent occurrence of encrypted asset risk events, the role of network security service providers is indispensable on the road of the development of digital new economy. Okoyun chain has launched products such as "SkyEye on the chain" to help the development of digital economy, and also plays a guard role. It is reported that in 2021, the SkyEye team on the chain helped fight more than 80 cases of gambling, pyramid schemes, fraud, drugs, money laundering, theft and other types of cases across the country, and assisted the public security and victims in freezing and recovering assets of more than 30 billion. At present, okiyun chain has set up branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Jinan, Haikou and other places, and has established cooperative relations with many research institutions and public security organs. It has become a right-hand assistant for intelligent police assistance.
        According to the atlas report 2021 of China's digital technology service providers, orco cloud chain is one of the earliest blockchain enterprises in China, which has been established since 2013. Based on the accumulated data and technical experience on the chain, in recent years, okiyun chain has launched a visualization tool for data monitoring and transaction behavior on the chain, and developed SkyEye pro on the chain specifically to solve the pain points and difficulties of assisting law enforcement departments in combating crimes involving encrypted assets. From the case introduction, SkyEye pro on the chain takes the data on the chain as information and big data technology as a tool. Through sorting, checking, verification, analysis, etc., it analyzes tens of billions of data information on the chain and finds relational links through infinite levels.
        Provide effective information for law enforcement departments in the vast chain of data. At the same time, SkyEye pro on the chain also combines decision-making analysis methods and investigation logic to help investigators locate the address, capital flow, relationship context, transaction behavior and other information of the assets set up in the case, so as to facilitate evidence collection and investigation, and explore potential criminal clues and flows. In the "6.8 fraud case" of a District Public Security Bureau in Meishan City, Sichuan Province, in which the "Shanda contract" app has been emptied and the platform has been running for half a year, the chain team of Ouke cloud through the chain Tianyan pro2.0 reconfirmed the flow of funds and assisted the police in successfully solving the case. By using the online SkyEye transaction map function and inputting the involved address and relevant parameters, the fund trend of plustoken, a 40 billion scale virtual currency pyramid fund disk, can be displayed, connected transactions can be monitored, and the core source address can be locked.
        The product information displayed in the report also shows that SkyEye pro on the chain supports address health detection and early warning analysis. Or it is expected to speed up the criminals and stop the further development and spread of the case. Relying on technology to resist the crisis, the chain Tianyan Pro is just like the "Tianyan", which has insight into a huge amount of chain behavior. As an emerging field, since the rise of blockchain technology, scams under the name of cryptocurrency have emerged in endlessly. Technology itself is neutral, but it can't escape being abused by criminals, and the number of cases related to it has increased. In the face of crimes committed by using new network technology, local police have different experience in the investigation of virtual currency cases, and there are differences in the efficiency of handling cases. Blockchain technology security products have become necessary tools to find hidden criminal clues behind endless codes and characters.
        Relying on years of precipitation, the SkyEye Pro platform and team on the chain have poured out their advantages and resources, and applied the technology in the field of police assistance. No matter where the case occurred or was filed, they can assist the local law enforcement department to provide professional technical support and escort the stable development of society. In 2021 alone, the SkyEye team on the chain helped public security throughout the country to crack down on more than 80 cases. In August 2021, a District Public Security Bureau in Meishan City, Sichuan Province sent a letter of thanks to oklink cloud chain, saying that SkyEye on the chain and oklink blockchain browser have greatly solved many problems in the process of handling cases. At the same time, the products and technicians of oklink cloud chain took the initiative to put forward ideas for solving cases and provide effective technical analysis means, It showed excellent professional technology and expressed the intention to further strengthen cooperation.
        The atlas report 2021 of China's digital technology service providers puts forward that the connotation of digital economy includes digitalization, networking and intelligence. At this stage of the development of digital economy, intelligence is spreading with an irresistible trend. On January 10, orco cloud chain announced that it officially launched the version of "SkyEye pro2.0 on the chain", making further intelligent transformation and upgrading. In the process of investigation and detection, the experience of law enforcement departments in handling virtual currency cases has increased, the density of data and the complexity of cases have also increased day by day, and the need for iteration of technical tools is imminent. "SkyEye on the chain pro2.0" optimized the technical framework of "blockchain + big data" and achieved three breakthroughs in "technological innovation", "functional innovation" and "investigative innovation" in response to the "four difficulties" of blockchain cases.
        Among them, technological innovation lies in the combination of blockchain and big data technology, using machine learning, data modeling, similarity algorithm, feature engineering, etc., to analyze trillions of information. In terms of functional innovation, the composition of SkyEye pro on the chain includes application platform, basic data platform and all nodes of the public chain. All nodes of the public chain cover all the original information of the blockchain network. The basic data platform collates real-time data, case data, public opinion data, and entity label data. The top application platform provides intuitive application scenarios such as blockchain browser, data statistics platform, data monitoring push, label traceability management, data processing training, etc. Specifically, the new version 2.0 has strengthened the address tag system, 7 * 24-hour panoramic monitoring of changes, intelligent analysis, research and judgment, and achieved "one key verification".
        In terms of investigation innovation, the number of cases studied and analyzed by SkyEye on the chain has reached hundreds. In continuous learning, SkyEye pro2.0 on the chain combines past analysis and judgment experience to more accurately track the "address involved", "transaction characteristics" and other information. Rare practical experience has built a competitive barrier for SkyEye pro2.0 on the chain. SkyEye pro2.0 on the chain has formed an integrated service mode of data monitoring, analysis, penetration and Governance on the chain, which can be used for one-stop analysis, evidence collection and research, and has become a more efficient and three-dimensional platform product. It is reported that the richness of the address tag system has increased to nearly 200million tags, covering nearly 100 digital currency exchanges, mining pools, wallets, dark networks, currency mixing service providers, hackers, gambling websites and many other categories.
        At the same time, we can finely manage and distinguish information and data. Just like the current direction of the evolution of digital technology, "visualization" follows the trend of VR development in the future, "machine learning" also follows the pace of AI technology. With the accelerated improvement of the data element market, the orderly construction of a modern digital governance system, and the steady and orderly promotion of industrial digitization, the sky eye pro on the Oko cloud chain, as a digital service provider of network security, continues to improve, and continues to add strength to serve law enforcement agencies and purify the blockchain industry environment. In the field of blockchain, the continuous analysis of SkyEye on the chain includes recent hot events such as the theft of centralized trading platforms and the attack on blockchain projects.
        The analysis report gives an analysis of the attack details, discloses the relevant hacker addresses, finds out the possible code vulnerabilities, and prompts the patch information published on the official website, and is committed to becoming an online security expert in a long process.
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