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Analysis of zhidu shares' daily limit on August 3: digital currency IPO shadow stock blockchain concept hot stock

Time : 21/06/2021 Author : 1opghr Click : + -
        Zhidu shares closed at a limit of 5.98 yuan. The stock rose by the daily limit at 9:30, but the daily limit was not opened. As of the closing, the sealed order capital was 66.4297 million yuan, accounting for 0.88% of its current market value. In terms of capital flow data, on August 3, the net inflow of main funds was 111 million yuan, the net outflow of hot money was 53.3942 million yuan, and the net outflow of retail funds was 57.8865 million yuan. This stock is a digital currency, IPO shadow stock, blockchain concept hot stock. On the same day, the digital currency concept rose 0.63%, the IPO shadow stock concept rose 0.46%, and the blockchain concept rose 0.37%. The above contents are sorted out by Securities Star according to public information, and have nothing to do with the position of this website.
        Securities Star does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, effectiveness and timeliness of all or part of the information (including but not limited to text, video, audio, data and charts). Please contact us if there are any problems. This article is data collation, and does not constitute any investment suggestions for you. Investment is risky, so please make careful decisions. Return to Sohu to see more.
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