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Blockchain + commodity traceability: truly record the "life" of commodities and promote the docking of production and marketing

Time : 07/10/2021 Author : sh5jnz Click : + -
        Blockchain technology is becoming a "sharp blade" to solve trust problems and achieve efficient collaboration. Due to its "natural gene" which is open, transparent, tamper proof, peer-to-peer and easy to trace, blockchain + commodity traceability has undoubtedly become a successful application scenario. As long as the upstream and downstream parties of the supply chain are "on the chain", the commodity information will be cross verified in multiple links. In this way, the cost of commodity counterfeiting will rise significantly. "With the help of blockchain technology, a few days ago, we cooperated with Yunnan e-commerce direct supply platform ‘ yunpinhui ’ to build a blockchain green cloud product traceability management platform to ensure that the quality of each cake of tea products in the hands of consumers can be traced and the quality safety is guaranteed.
        ”The reporter learned from the relevant person in charge of Hangzhou Qulian Technology Co., Ltd. that blockchain technology has opened up the whole process of Pu'er tea production, processing, testing, logistics and distribution, achieved a credible record of information in each link, and marked the "life" of each Pu'er tea cake. "Traditional anti-counterfeiting traceability labels only realize one-to-one correspondence between anti-counterfeiting code data and commodities. However, this anti-counterfeiting code is edited in advance by merchants and is easy to be copied on a large scale." The person in charge explained to reporters that in this case, counterfeiters only need to obtain an authentic anti-counterfeiting code, and they can copy a lot. As a result, even if consumers buy fake and shoddy products, scanning the code shows that they are authentic.
        "However, based on the digital anti-counterfeiting technology of blockchain, once the commodity information is" on the chain ", it cannot be tampered with, which forms the traceability of the upstream and downstream industrial chain of commodities and solves the problem of information asymmetry." She said that through blockchain technology, consumers can see the electronic data information generated by the whole process from raw materials to their own hands, ensuring the traceability of product quality and quality safety. Ant financial also applies blockchain in the field of commodity traceability. Recently, Bayer (Crop Science) and ant blockchain announced a strategic cooperation in Hangzhou, using blockchain technology to ensure the anti-counterfeiting identification of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and other products, data acquisition and verification on the whole industry chain and key nodes, and further ensure that they cannot be tampered with, so as to achieve the true traceability of products.
        It is reported that as a result, the high-quality Dangshan pear in Bayer's demonstration base, after being verified by blockchain traceability, directly entered tmall meow supply, completely dispelling the concerns of tmall merchants in the purchase process, and achieving a win-win situation in production and marketing. "It can be said that through blockchain technology, the whole process traceability of goods is realized safely, reliably and conveniently, the brand reputation of products is guaranteed, and the connection between production and marketing is directly promoted.". The reporter learned that the commodity anti-counterfeiting based on blockchain technology has diversified functions such as traceability, anti fleeing and data analysis. The innovation of commodity quality management mode thus achieved can strengthen the efficiency of commodity production information exchange and sharing, improve enterprise management efficiency, reduce sales costs, and even guide supply side production enterprises to optimize production capacity.
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