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Take Kunming subway to issue blockchain electronic invoice

Time : 11/02/2022 Author : 86iqxv Click : + -
        Yesterday, the Information Office of the provincial government held a press conference on "reducing taxes and fees, providing excellent services to help restore production and promote development" in Yunnan Province, announcing to all sectors of society the measures taken and results achieved by the tax department of Yunnan Province in epidemic prevention and control and serving economic and social development. At the same time, it launched the 29th tax revenue publicity month in the province, on April 1 &mdash& mdash; May 20, a total of 50 days. The reporter learned from the press conference that from April 1, taking the subway in Kunming can issue blockchain electronic invoices. "On July 20, 2019, Yunnan issued the first blockchain electronic Title invoice. At present, blockchain electronic invoice has been pilot extended to tourism, catering, retail and other industries.
        In the next step, what industries will the blockchain electronic invoice in Yunnan Province be extended to? " In response to a reporter's question, Wang Tao, director of the tax administration and science and Technology Development Department of the Yunnan provincial taxation bureau of the State Administration of Taxation, said that since July 20, 2019, the first blockchain electronic Title invoice was issued by the "a mobile tour of Yunnan" platform, pilot promotion has been carried out in Pu'er tea, tourism, retail, accommodation and other industries, and the offline scanning function has been realized through the wechat applet "Yunnan blockchain invoice issuance assistant". At present, more than 70000 blockchain electronic Title invoices have been successfully issued, involving an invoiced amount of 21.77 million yuan. Wang Tao said that the blockchain electronic invoice in Yunnan Province will also be promoted to the transportation industry.
        From April 1, taking Kunming subway can issue blockchain electronic invoices. If passengers need to ask for an invoice after taking the subway, they can leave the station first and then make an invoice. There is no need to stay in the station to ask for an invoice, so as to further prevent the risk of infection during the epidemic, especially during peak hours, avoid congestion caused by Invoicing, and further optimize the user's travel experience. At the same time, the realization of this function also saves the invoice management and printing costs for Kunming railway company. The reporter noticed that the operation of issuing an electronic invoice for taking the subway blockchain is also very simple. After the trip, users of wechat travel code can click "view travel record" on the wechat payment deduction voucher page to enter the invoicing, or select the journey to be invoiced and issue the relevant invoice through "my" and "travel record" in the lower right corner of the main page of the "travel code" applet.
        Applying blockchain technology to issue invoices has achieved the goals of simple, tamper proof, whole process traceability and cost reduction in the invoice field. In the future, the tax department will also issue blockchain electronic invoices to ticket users who need to ask for invoices in the taxi and bus industry in Kunming, and gradually expand to more industries closely related to social and people's livelihood, so as to help the construction of Digital Yunnan. (reporter Li Dandan, Liu Tingting).
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