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        Concept stocks of low-cost stocks. Low-cost stocks are stocks whose low-cost stocks are mostly less than 6 yuan. Low-cost stocks have a good price comparison advantage. The absolute low price has become the standard for stock selection of short-term funds, and only a small amount of funds can stretch them. Low price stocks generally lack performance support, so the share price performance is low. If the company's operation takes a turn for the better, the share price will rise rapidly, providing investors with a good opportunity. This concept includes many st and * ST stocks, which have good linkage and sometimes form a seesaw effect with the market. Before the US stock market on July 21 (Thursday), blockchain concept stocks generally fell. As of press release, coinbase ( fell nearly 5%, bitdigital ( fell more than 4%, riotblockchain ( fell more than 4%, marathon digital ( fell nearly 5%, microst.
        The passage of the chip act in the United States is also another opportunity for China's semiconductor industry to accelerate domestic substitution. Hunan Jiama duty-free shop in the city, the market space may reach 100 billion! On July 21, the concept stocks of duty-free stores changed. According to Hunan Daily, Hunan provincial Party committee. The agency said that in the context of the growing elderly population, the pension industry has also made significant development and has unlimited potential. In the next five to ten years, the pension industry is likely to usher in large-scale growth. Related concept stocks: Zhongguancun (, entrepreneurship. Cruise concept stocks fell before the market, Carnival Cruise fell by more than 9%, and the company announced that it had "begun to publicly issue common shares worth $1billion"; Norwegian Cruise Lines fell by more than 5%.
        On the morning of July 21, the Ministry of Commerce and other 27 departments issued the "opinions on promoting the high-quality development of foreign cultural trade". The opinions pointed out that we should deepen the reform of examination and approval in the field of culture and expand the pilot of online game examination and approval. Affected by this news, the Hong Kong stock market game sector was active today. As of press time. In terms of performance, the profitability of photovoltaic enterprises in all links has been continuously repaired due to the high popularity of the industry and the upstream price rise. Up to now, a total of 35 A-share photovoltaic concept stocks have announced the performance forecast for the first half of the year, of which 25 have increased their performance in advance, including aixu shares, Shanmei international, Tongwei. Market changes: as of 14:45 on July 21, the pig main contract fell by 3.04%, with a quotation of 20550.00 yuan / ton.
        The price of varieties rose or fell on the same day. The price of pigs rose or fell by 20550.00 yuan / ton -3.04%-6.38% on the previous five days. Uncover the secret of the rise or fall: [view] Nanhua Futures: Pig positions continue to shrink. Coal concept stocks in Hong Kong stocks continued to decline, with Yankuang energy falling more than 5%, China Shenhua falling nearly 5%, and China coal energy and Yanmei Australia falling more than 4%. China Times reporter Jiao Yanli and Lu Xiaoxiao reported in Beijing that on July 19, Li Xiaopeng, Minister of transport, presided over a ministerial meeting to consider the action plan for accelerating the construction of charging infrastructure along the highway. The meeting pointed out that accelerating the construction of charging infrastructure along the highway.
        As of the morning closing of July 21, bowling Bao, a supplier of erythritol, a raw material of Yuanqi forest sugar substitute, rose by the daily limit, and Sanyuan biological rose by 6.80%. Other stocks in the sugar substitute concept sector, such as Fengyuan pharmaceutical, Jiahe food and Huakang, followed suit. On the news side, the media broke the news this morning, Yuan. New retail and tax-free concept stocks rose. On the straight-line day of youa shares, new retail and tax-free concept stocks rose, of which youa shares rose by the straight-line limit. As of the press release of viewpoint new media, youa shares rose 10.05% to 4.0 yuan, with a total market value of 6.413 billion; It rose by 6.71% to 7.00 yuan, with a total market value of 6.047 billion.
        In addition. On July 21, affected by the news that Hunan is expected to usher in the first duty-free shop in the city, A-share tax-free concept stocks rose and strengthened. As of press time, youa shares (002277) (, heli Technology (603917) (, *st Shelley (002076) ( rose by the limit. Hjt battery concept stocks surged, with Jingshan light machinery (000821) and Jinchen shares (603396) rising by the daily limit, Suzhou solid technetium (002079) and King Kong Glass (300093) rising by more than 5%, Beijing Kerui (002350), Baoxin Technology (002514), xingshuaier (002860), Luobo.
        Market changes: as of 11:05 on July 21, the main contract of palm fell by 3.03%, with a quotation of 7860.00 yuan / ton. The price of varieties rose or fell on the same day. The price of palm oil rose or fell 7860.00 yuan / ton -3.03% 5.85% on the previous five days. Uncover the secret: [view] Nanhua Futures: Oil stops falling and oil lingers. The benefit targets of electrolyte link: Panzhihua Steel Vanadium and titanium, Hegang Co., Ltd. and Anning Co., Ltd; Benefit target of diaphragm link: Dongyue Group. Related concept stocks: Hegang Co., Ltd. ( the company has an annual production capacity of 22000 tons of vanadium products, ranking third in the world. The company has vanadium electrolyte Manufacturing.
        Tesla concept stocks in Hong Kong stocks rose generally, Yihe holdings rose by more than 7%, Lijin technology rose by nearly 2%, and nexteer and BYD (002594) Electronics followed. Follow flush Finance (ths518) and get more opportunities. On July 21, A-share vanadium battery concept stocks continued to be active due to the news of upstream resources of vanadium flow batteries or supply gap. As of press time, Yinlong shares (, Dinglong culture ( 2 Lianban, Anning shares (, Pangang vanadium titanium ( Hong Kong gaming concept stocks fell, with Kaisheng holdings down 15%, sands China Limited down nearly 4%, Galaxy Entertainment down more than 3%, and Jinjie holdings down nearly 3%.
        Market changes: as of 09:50 on July 21, the cotton main contract rose by 3.13%, with a quotation of 14845.00 yuan / ton. The price of varieties rose or fell on the same day. Cotton rose or fell 14845.00 yuan / ton on the previous five days. The rise or fall was 3.13% - 5.42%. Uncover the secret: [view] Nanhua Futures: cotton prices will remain wide. Related concept stocks: dangsheng Technology ( the company and Qingtao Energy Development Co., Ltd. signed the strategic cooperation agreement (2022-2025) in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province on July 16, 2022. Heavy! Yi Huiman's article in Qiushi: the rise and fall of the stock market is a rule. You can't spend money on indexes, resolutely prevent "market failure" and make preparations for the registration system with "embroidery".
        Confused! A shares and funds fell on the hot search! A number of military stocks have been pulled! Pelosi is here to be vigilant: another US government chartered plane is also coming! Eastern theater released: organize live fire in Southern Fujian.
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