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What is blockchain (what is "blockchain")

Time : 18/08/2021 Author : jhplgt Click : + -
        On January 10, 2019, the state Internet Information Office issued the "Regulations on the management of blockchain information services", which clearly stipulates blockchain technology. Compared with traditional servers, blockchain is more like "ant cooperation". Every node of the network is like an ant, following the unified command issued by the "queen ant". The "queen ant" died after issuing the order, but every ant has recited this order and must follow it. All the ants work together according to this order, and Xiaomi may carry them home one by one; When it comes to big food, many ants need to work together. These achievements are also distributed according to the later unified order.
        Therefore, blockchain is essentially a shared database. The data or information stored in it has the characteristics of "unforgeability", "full trace", "traceability", "openness and transparency", "collective maintenance", etc. Based on these characteristics, blockchain technology has laid the "trust" foundation between different nodes and computing power of the network, and created a reliable "cooperation" mechanism. It should be said that blockchain technology came into people's vision because of bitcoin; But I saw many friends say that blockchain is accounting and mining, which is just an application of blockchain technology, which is biased. At present, blockchain has three types: self owned chain, public chain and alliance chain.
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