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"Blockchain electronic invoice" tax publicity spring breeze, walking into Shenzhen wenheyou,Guangzhou blockchain electronic invoice

Time : 25/04/2022 Author : sndagv Click : + -
        A few days ago, Shenzhen wenheyou catering Plaza opened in Luohu District, adding a lot of popularity to Luohu, effectively stimulating and driving consumption, and becoming the spark of "igniting" Shenzhen consumption this spring. The "flash shop" opened by the online tea brand "tea Yan Yuese" has also attracted a large group of fans. The huge flow of people has brought considerable economic benefits, but it also poses a greater challenge to invoicing. "The merchants here receive a lot of customers every day. If they bill in the usual way, they simply can't keep up with the speed." Li Wenjing, general manager of "something for coffee", said. Knowing this, the Shenzhen Luohu District tax bureau of the State Administration of Taxation immediately organized the staff of Guiyuan tax office to visit Shenzhen wenheyou on April 6, and vigorously promoted "blockchain electronic invoice" to businesses such as "tea Yan Yuese" and "dalilai Ji pork chop bag" to solve the problems of slow and difficult invoicing.
        "Blockchain electronic invoice is very convenient to use. Merchants only need to log in to the website of Shenzhen Electronic Taxation Bureau to apply for blockchain electronic invoice qualification, register wechat payment merchant number and open the ‘ electronic invoice ’ function in three simple steps. They can use code scanning invoicing and post payment Invoicing services through the blockchain electronic invoice express version equipped on the wechat merchant platform." During the visit, Zheng Zhongfeng of Guiyuan tax office carefully recommended and patiently coached the employees of the business "Shensheng Oyster" to use blockchain electronic invoices, "blockchain electronic invoices can liberate Invoicing time and manpower, and greatly improve business efficiency.". "It's also very convenient for customers.
        ”Mr. Zhou, who just consumed "something for coffee", issued a blockchain invoice through wechat payment platform after a few simple operations. So far, 43 of the 97 businesses settled by Shenzhen wenheyou have applied for blockchain electronic invoices. "I think it's very good after today's experience. We will continue to use it." Li Wenjing said.
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