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Go to New York with XiaoCong to start the future discovery journey of blockchain

Time : 06/07/2022 Author : z0d6mv Click : + -
        2018 is coming to an end. This year, bitcoin fell from a high of $20000, and the encryption market as a whole entered a bear market; The regulatory policies of various countries are becoming increasingly clear, but there is still a long way to go from global regulatory coordination; The pattern of the exchange has changed, trading mining is a flash in the pan, and stabilizing the currency has set off new waves. As a world financial center, New York tries to build itself into a blockchain technology center. In 2017 alone, blockchain startups in New York City received nearly $200million in venture capital. Meanwhile, since 2015, the employment in the blockchain industry in New York has increased by 800%. According to the report released by the famous Boston analysis company burningglass, New York ranked first among the blockchain employment cities in the United States in 2018.
        This time, Xiao Cong's carefully arranged trip to New York will take you into the cosmic center of blockchain in five days. Participate in the closed door summit of shallots, visit major star projects in New York, and deeply participate in the world's top events &mdash& mdash; The New York consensus conference, together with top investment institutions, appreciates the latest developments in blockchain technology. The real big players are hidden in the undercurrent. They come from the top asset management companies, investment banks and hedge funds on Wall Street. They want to say no, but they are building a low-key digital currency financial service system. Standing at the end of 2018 and looking forward to 2019, we will focus on Wall Street and discuss with deep market participants what new progress has been made in digital financial derivatives trading and digital asset custody, how institutional investors invest in digital assets, and whether there will be major breakthroughs in the mainstreaming of digital assets.
        We invited top investment institutions, hedge funds, quantitative funds, family offices and research institutions to present a wonderful speech and friendly and open dialogue. We will also look forward to the expected performance of this world's most interesting alternative investment product in 2019 with the guests. The team with rich experience can lead everyone to participate in the consensus meeting efficiently. Help you find cooperation opportunities in this blockchain event attended by more than 8000 people. In the morning, he visited the IBM blockchain and data transparency research center of Columbia University, a famous Ivy League school in the United States, and had a discussion with the head of the center.
        Columbia University IBM center is committed to promoting the research and development and cross industry application of data transparency and blockchain technology, providing professional guidance for data supervision, and improving entrepreneurs' knowledge and skills in this field through education and internship. In the afternoon, we went to eToro's headquarters in New York to have a discussion, visited the world-famous New York blockchain accelerators consensys and startaaccelerator, and learned about the latest trends and successful experiences in the industry. As a strategic partner of shallot, the top blockchain industry consulting company in the United States has exclusively arranged a New York blockchain Star project meeting for you. We will walk into their office and meet these business wizards and technical wizards face to face. We believe that this exchange will inevitably spark a different spark.
        XiaoCong is a blockchain media owned by Wall Street. We are providing global investors and blockchain practitioners with leading information, quotations, data services and research reports in the blockchain field. Registration requirements: partners of investment institutions, senior executives of startups in the blockchain field, senior executives of enterprise founders, and practitioners in the financial industry. (in order to better exchange experience, we will review and screen, with a limit of 20 people). Registration consultation: email to, or contact sister Xiao Cong on wechat, wechat id:xiaocongjiejie (indicate New York).
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