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Blockchain Technology (how to use blockchain technology and what is the use of blockchain)

Time : 20/03/2022 Author : 2193gq Click : + -
        Blockchain is a financial solution and financial technology, so what about Distributed Accounting, decentralization and incentive mechanism? An analogy may be more appropriate: if you are hungry, what is the solution? Look for food. There are many kinds of food to eat, such as ordering takeout, rubbing rice at others' houses, cooking by yourself, cooking by yourself, and the differences between noodles and white rice; The so-called decentralized and distributed bookkeeping is just a specific way to choose when you want to eat. It's just a choice: to order takeout, to go to someone else's house to eat, or to cook by yourself. youknow? However, it is by no means equal to solving hunger by ordering takeout. The first is money, such as the dc/ep of the central bank, which is endorsed by the national credit and supported by the entire financial system.
        A country usually supports only one legal tender, which is for the sake of stabilizing social and financial order. The strategic significance of digital currency at the national level is to promote the evolution of society to a higher level. The second is the application of blockchain technology. The application of this technology is reflected in the transfer and settlement between banks and other financial institutions, as well as the bill deposit and traceability of large commercial institutions. In fact, various industries can use the technical characteristics of blockchain. For example, when making wine, you can use blockchain to trace the source. One bottle of wine is a blockchain source code... However, these are only projects that use blockchain technology, not blockchain projects, but only projects that use blockchain technology.
        The third function of blockchain, which is also the most controversial and incredible application, is the role of finance, accompanied by blockchain projects. Many people don't know this part. Then, in a word, will it overturn your understanding: blockchain can enable enterprises to achieve non listing but double investment, do you believe it? Let's talk about image. Listing can make people rich and make many people worth billions immediately. Blockchain can also do that, believe it? Moreover, it's not as low-end as virtual currency speculation, believe it?. 1、 In the blockchain era, social wealth will begin to be distributed in a new way. It is possible that every enterprise and every project can be easily listed without approval.
        Even, everyone can be listed as an independent business entity and get a lot of wealth. Society has entered the era of flattening, and there is no wide gap between the rich and the poor. Personal credit and brand will be extremely important in that era. The circulation rate of private capital in the whole society will be very high, the per capita consumption level will be very high, and the development form of commercial entities will be upgraded again. There will be a comprehensive transfer of social wealth. Don't think that if you have a deposit in your hand, you won't have less money, and don't think that if you have a house, you will be secure. When the real estate market collapses, prices rise, the shares of listed companies depreciate, bank interest rates decline, a large number of unemployment... And so on, don't you think this is the social wealth quietly transferring?.
        2、 In the era of blockchain, the relationship between people and society has become diverse and multi-directional. For example, the relationship between you and Li Ziqi is not between bloggers and audiences, but between investors and investment targets; You may not only have a relationship of purchase and sales with the stores around you, but also have a partnership. Even if you often use China Mobile to make phone calls, you and China Mobile are in partnership. You can earn money from China Mobile every year, you can collect the partnership income from the store near your home, and you can also collect the partnership share from Li Ziqi... This is not nonsense, it is the reorganization of all production relations in the blockchain era.
        3、 Financial restructuring. In the future, investment will be flat, mainly small and non professional. Professional financial investment institutions will slowly be replaced by new forms, and a large number of people will lose their jobs. Pure knowledge does not work in the blockchain era. The ability to realize will play a leading role, and investment will become extremely simple and easy. It is possible that a child's investment will earn many times more money than an adult. People's income has become very diverse. Anyone around you may create income for you. Of course, you can also invest in anyone around you if he is able to help you make money. 4、 Cognition will be upgraded. In this process, many people will lose wealth because of judgment and cognition, which will also bring many social problems.
        But all this is reasonable, and insufficient cognition will be eliminated. The popularity of the Internet era and the impact of the share reform are still vivid. The blockchain era is even more so. In the era of cognitive upgrading, between thieves and saints, cannon fodder and wise men go together. Which one would you be?. Alarmism is not a feature. In fact, blockchain has been adopted by more and more large companies. Ant financial, Tencent, China Construction Bank... Are all using blockchain technology, and even invoicing and other things have begun to use blockchain technology. Did you make it?. Some things are doomed to be irreversible and can only follow, such as trends.
        In the past, no one thought that people in banks would be laid off, people in investment companies would be unemployed, and investment institutions had no money... In fact, these things are happening. Did you think of it?. Some of the content, pictures, videos and other template presentation data covered by this site could not be contacted with the original author. If copyright issues are involved, please inform us in time and provide relevant supporting materials, and we will delete them in time! Thank you for your understanding and support!.
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