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The base of the digital age: blockchain is accelerating the activation of a new scene - the largest share of interest chain technology in the head of blockchain in xinhuzhong

Time : 29/03/2022 Author : od364c Click : + -
        As early as the first modern Games held in Athens, Greece, higher, faster and stronger have become the Olympic motto. After a hundred years, with the advent of the digital age, "science and technology" has gradually become another important force. There is no doubt that the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics has written a perfect footnote to this "important force". Although the event has ended, its shock to the world continues to ferment. More than 360 new technologies, such as blockchain, cloud computing, and "100 meter and minute" accurate weather forecasts, have been applied, making the "technology Winter Olympics" from vision to reality. According to several official media reports, in this winter Olympics, information technology represented by blockchain has been implemented in government support, food safety assurance, entertainment interaction, green power traceability, and other links, supporting and serving the effective development and operation of the event.
        In the long run, the Winter Olympics has opened a good beginning for the application of blockchain, and provided a solution sample for the value expansion of large-scale activities and new economic scenarios. Such as office support. In order to improve the efficiency of material customs clearance, reduce the flow of people and reduce the risk of epidemic, Beijing customs, the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce have developed a paperless customs clearance system for the Winter Olympics based on blockchain technology and relying on a single window online platform. With the support of the system, the whole material customs clearance process has no contact and immediate handover: one-stop online submission by enterprises, paperless approval by the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, paperless customs clearance by customs, taking into account efficiency and safety. Another example is food traceability. For large-scale sports events, food borne stimulants are the focus of food safety control.
        In order to improve the Olympic food safety, the Winter Olympics has established a food safety traceability system based on blockchain technology. This system not only realizes the anchoring of food physical and digital identity, ensuring that labels and traceability information cannot be forged or tampered with, but also can monitor food temperature throughout the process, making food and raw materials "from farmland to table" full process, all-round anti-counterfeiting and traceability. In addition to office support and food traceability, blockchain's "great show" in entertainment activities has also attracted the attention of the audience. Before the opening of the Winter Olympics, the "digital snowflake" in the interactive project activities of the Winter Olympics launched by CCTV was created by using cloud rendering, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other technologies.
        Moreover, each digital snowflake has its own digital certificate, which contains unique information such as snowflake ID serial number, deposit time, time service voucher number, data hash value and so on, forming users' valuable digital assets. Through this winter Olympics, blockchain has truly entered the vision of the general public. At this time, more and more people feel that blockchain technology is no longer a "castle in the air", nor exclusive to money, but integrated into public life and consumption scenes in a simple and daily way. With the strategic decision-making and deployment of expanding domestic demand, the formation of a new development pattern with domestic circulation as the main body and domestic and international double circulation promoting each other has been accelerated. The new economic model shows a positive trend, which opens a huge imagination space for the development of blockchain.
        In addition to traditional fields such as finance, government affairs and justice, blockchain is gradually emerging in new economic fields such as digital collections, digital copyright, new energy vehicles, and digital villages. As an early blockchain enterprise in China, Qu chain technology takes blockchain technology as the base, combines cloud computing, Internet of things, big data and other technologies, focuses on typical application fields, forms a "Trinity" ecosystem, and continues to integrate into the "blood" of the development of "scholars, farmers, industry and commerce", so as to achieve a more credible, safer and faster solution. For example, in recent years, the fun chain baas solution, which has been highly praised by customers, is based on the fun chain blockchain platform, the first driving mode, and the world's first baas based on the cloud native technology framework.
        With innovative advantages such as rapid deployment, visual monitoring, intelligent research and development, and multi bottom layer compatibility, it can provide one-stop application development services, realize pluggable compatibility with multi blockchain platforms, multi node types, and multi resource media, help users focus on the research and innovation of core businesses, and comprehensively support the rapid landing and expansion of blockchain businesses. For the application results, interest chain baas has also been proved by the market. "At present, we provide services to more than 100 customers, including central ministries and commissions such as the central network information office, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, the National Audit Office, the State Administration of market supervision, local governments at the provincial and municipal levels such as Zhejiang Province, Chongqing and Chengdu, the people's Bank of China, the mainstream joint-stock commercial banks of the head offices of the four major banks, and the State Grid, with more than 1billion service people and supporting hundreds of billions of yuan of business scale", said Zhang Shuai, vice president of quchain technology.
        For example, for the field of digital collections. Hongdong technology, a subsidiary of quchain Technology Holdings, launched the "Hongdong digital collection platform" last December, using blockchain technology as an innovative means to provide supporting services such as the issuance of content digital derivatives for industries such as culture and art, games, e-sports, fashion trends, retail consumption, etc. After that, Hongdong digital collection successively released dozens of digital collections in conjunction with Caijing magazine, fellow uncle, Zhongnan cartoon, godfather club and other brands. During the Winter Olympics, the red hole digital collection, together with curling world champion Wang Bingyu, figure skating world champions Zhang Hao and Zhang Dan, and cross-country skiing world champion man Dandan, launched a limited number of digital collections to present the Winter Olympics with the power of the "meta universe" art, which attracted widespread attention in the society.
        In the field of digital copyright, together with the domestic original animation giant Zhongnan cartoon, fun chain technology has built a digital cultural copyright protection platform "pin", which integrates copyright preservation, rights protection and authorization. It provides one-stop full process copyright protection services for the digital cultural and creative fields such as animation, film and television creation, game entertainment, toy peripherals, and plugs the blockchain "wings" into the intellectual property creative economy "bank". In addition, quchain technology also launched the digital village blockchain basic platform in Dazu, Chongqing, and jointly launched the world's first blockchain power exchange SaaS platform "E-Chain power exchange" with Yima. The application in the field of new economy has made blockchain stable and far-reaching on the road of activating the new economic scenario, laying a solid foundation for its real large-scale implementation.
        However, before the real large-scale implementation, blockchain technology still needs to face the problem of technology and industry integration. Zhang Shuai said, "in essence, the development of blockchain technology is still in the stage of improvement, and it needs ‘ protection ’ and avoiding ‘ killing ’ s. how to achieve ‘ eliminate the false, retain the true, and get rid of the virtual to the real ’ is the biggest difficulty we face at present.". Therefore, after completing the transformation from the trough of the foam burst to the recovery period of steady growth, all parties in the industry need to not only objectively face the difficulties faced by blockchain, but also adhere to the concept of "technology makes life better", work together to create an ecological environment of "making blockchain into life", and actively promote the mature and effective application of blockchain in a wider range of new economy and new consumption scenarios.
        The good news is that according to the statistics of CCID blockchain Research Institute, the upper, middle and lower levels of China's blockchain industry chain are gradually clear and perfect, and have been extended from the original financial field to all aspects of life. It can be seen that as people's social, work and entertainment are further transferred to the Internet, the large-scale implementation of blockchain will soon come. At that time, the curtain of blockchain's all-round empowerment of a better life will officially open. Related stocks: Xinhu Zhongbao (600208), digital economy (bk1061), gem index (zssz399006), stock market practice (gssz) blockchain (bk0830). Solemnly declare: all information (including but not limited to text, video, audio, data and charts) published by users in fortune / Guba / blog community only represents personal views, has nothing to do with the position of this website, and does not constitute any investment suggestions for you. Therefore, you should bear the operational risk.
        Please do not believe the publicity contents such as agent financing, free stock recommendation and stock speculation training, and stay away from illegal securities activities. Please do not add the mobile phone number, official account, Weibo, wechat, QQ and other information of the speaker to prevent being cheated!. Solemnly declare that all materials and comments published by users in the community only represent personal views, have nothing to do with the position of this website, and do not constitute any investment suggestions for you. Users should make their own decisions on securities investment and bear corresponding risks based on their own independent judgment. Oriental Wealth community management regulations.
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