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Lucky, key - open the financial horizon of blockchain economy 50

Time : 05/04/2022 Author : vh9zk2 Click : + -
        Luckykey, also known as lucky key, aims to attract more encrypted and non encrypted blockchain enthusiasts and bring blockchain into mainstream, NFT, metauniverse, game entertainment and other ecological fields through the advantages of real ownership, digital scarcity, profitability and interoperability brought by blockchain technology. "Openness, safety, revenue, ecology" is the core concept that Luk has adhered to since its inception. Luk liquidity mining, as a core part of Luk ecology, is the first zero risk non-destructive mining project developed based on the currency security BSC smart chain. Through fable machine deployment, community users can enjoy high dividends, data openness and transparency, and perfect ecological deployment is based on the infinite activity and driving force of ecology.
        Luk is limited to 1000000 pieces. Through the three major deflationary destruction mechanisms, it will eventually deflate to 10000 pieces, and will never be increased. It will not only protect the rights and interests of community users, but also bring unlimited room for value improvement. With the blessing of Luk meta universe, we and our friends from afar enter a meta universe at the same time to play mahjong and games. We can see each other, such as face-to-face communication. With the help of the cyberspace opened up by Luk metauniverse, in addition to the real world office space, the future company also has office space in Luk metauniverse. Employees will enter Luk yuanuniverse to work and receive unified management. For example, in teleconference, at present, everyone is facing the screen and listening to the speakers. They may lie at home and fall asleep, multitasking.
        In the world of Luk metauniverse, participants will enter the conference room virtually and have face-to-face meetings and discussions. Everything is the same as the atmosphere in which everyone meets together now. This can also be achieved in the near future, possibly in ten years. Here we need robots, brain computer interfaces, 5g, chips, and a series of scientific and technological products. How will robots replace human beings? In addition to technology, they can produce robots that match human thinking. A simpler way is to drive the machine. The brain computer interface is used to connect the simulation robot to work. The ultimate mission of scientific and technological progress is to improve the existing living and production environment of mankind. We have reason to believe that blockchain technology will be far ahead in the future scientific and technological development because of its unique decentralized attribute. At that time, Luk, as a leading project committed to developing blockchain applications, will also bring unimaginable future to our lives! Return to Sohu to see more.
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