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Zhu Jian: actively explore the application of blockchain technology and promote the integrated development of cutting-edge information technology and economy and society

Time : 21/08/2021 Author : typi9s Click : + -
        In the afternoon of April 17, Zhu Jian, deputy secretary of Hengyang municipal Party committee and acting mayor, participated in the "blockchain" thematic centralized learning activity organized by a branch of the municipal government as an ordinary Party member. He stressed that we should fully recognize the importance and development prospects of blockchain, actively explore the application of blockchain technology, and help Hengyang achieve high-quality development. During the learning activities, Li Zhongqiang, managing partner of Delong capital, was invited to give a lecture. Focusing on the theme of "development prospect of blockchain industry", he systematically expounded the concept, types and characteristics of blockchain, the application prospect of blockchain technology in work and life, and the main nodes of blockchain industry development in China.
        In the next interactive exchange session, Zhu Jian and others asked Li Zhongqiang questions about "how to make profits from blockchain technology" and "how to judge the popularity of a city in blockchain development". Li Zhongqiang combined what he saw, heard and industry experience, answered one by one, and launched an in-depth discussion. The "classroom" atmosphere was warm, and everyone said that they had gained a lot. Zhu Jian stressed that blockchain is an emerging technology, which has the characteristics of decentralization, openness and tamper proof information, and can be widely used in urban management, finance, Internet of things, e-commerce and other fields. ◆ we should fully understand the important role of blockchain technology in technological innovation and industrial reform, and actively promote the integrated development of cutting-edge information technology and economy and society.
        ◆ we should vigorously promote the combination of blockchain technology and urban governance, explore and strengthen the real-time monitoring and management of urban environmental health data, constantly improve the intelligent and accurate level of urban management, and ensure that Hengyang becomes a national civilized city and a national health city at one stroke. ◆ we should vigorously promote the deep integration of blockchain and the real economy, rely on Hengyang financial credit information service center, further integrate enterprise and individual industrial and commercial households' lending, tax payment and other information, accelerate the establishment of enterprise "white list" database, provide accurate reference for financial institutions' credit, and effectively solve the problems of small and medium-sized enterprises' loan financing, bank risk control and department supervision. ◆ we should speed up the development of blockchain industry, keep up with the pace of the times, seize development opportunities, speed up the layout and construction of blockchain industrial parks, build blockchain industrial ecology, and seize the strategic commanding height of the development of a new generation of information technology.
        Vice Mayor Yang Hongfeng, all Party members of the first branch of the municipal government office, and some representatives of the branch of the Municipal Bureau of science and technology, the branch of the administrative committee of the high tech Zone, the branch of the Bureau of justice, and the branch of the Municipal Youth League Committee were invited to participate in the study. (reporter Wen / Yi Chengzhang / Wang Zhai).
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