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Blockchain game,,, ether, goo's first placement blockchain game!

Time : 25/09/2021 Author : qczlk1 Click : + -
        The current blockchain games have gone through hotphoto, pet cultivation and competition. At present, the new blockchain games are still dominated by cultivation competition. Today, I will introduce you a novel blockchain game. The game is pixel style and simple, but it has attracted many players as soon as it is launched. Ethergoo is a placement casual game, in which you can get ethercoin without doing anything! The game is developed based on Ethereum. You must install Ethereum wallet before playing. If you won't, please pay attention to Xiaobian and check the previous tutorial ~. First of all, Xiaobian will talk about the way of game: you need to run a factory. You can get a cat for free at the beginning. This cat will help you earn resources every second: goo.
        After the accumulation of resources, you can use Gu coin to buy other different types of cats to obtain more resources. At the same time, you can also upgrade your cats to increase the efficiency of making money. The more resources you earn, the higher the research awards you can exchange. You may want to say, isn't this a general placement game? take it easy! In addition to making money, you can also fight in this game!. 1. Battle system of the game: in the game, you can send your cat to attack others to earn Gu coins, but you should also be careful, because you may also be attacked at any time!. 2. Ethereum exchange: there will be a research reward exchange at about 5 p.m. every day, and the game will be converted into Ethereum in proportion to the goo you can earn per second in your research room.
        Take the following figure as an example: the Gu coin produced by your research laboratory accounts for 0.4% of the world's production, and your research award today is 2.2186eth!. One day after the internal test of the game, there were 120eth transactions. Now the game has entered the adjustment stage and will be opened again next week. Interested players can try it next week!.
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