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The innovative application of "blockchain +" has accelerated its landing in Yunnan

Time : 18/07/2021 Author : kcp8oz Click : + -
        Since last year, focusing on the development of eight industries and building a world-class "three cards", our province has deepened cooperation with technology enterprises and accelerated the development of blockchain industry. At present, the construction of Yunnan blockchain center is continuously advancing, and the construction of "peacock code" integrated e-commerce live broadcast platform project is stepped up, and the integration and application of blockchain technology in agricultural products, invoices, government affairs and other fields is accelerating. As the first provincial blockchain center in China, Yunnan blockchain center was officially established on March 15, and 14 of the 24 enterprises that entered the center in the early stage, such as Alibaba, Qu chain, and San Canaan, have settled in the center; By establishing a communication and docking mechanism with blockchain associations and alliances outside the province, another 14 new enterprises have applied for settlement.
        At the same time, the center accelerated the implementation of blockchain projects, and 7 of the first 25 projects reviewed by experts are being implemented. Scan the blockchain QR code on Pu'er tea products with your mobile phone, and you can see the raw material base, production process, quality inspection and other information at a glance. You can also verify the authenticity, purchase and make complaints. The recently launched Pu'er tea quality blockchain traceability platform is the latest achievement of the application of blockchain technology scenarios in our province. Through blockchain technology, Pu'er tea has achieved the whole process quality and safety traceability "from tea garden to tea cup". Not only that, at present, our province is accelerating the application of blockchain electronic invoices, and accelerating the "up chain" of fruit industry and industrial planting.
        Relying on the first blockchain traceability commodity code "peacock code" launched at the provincial level, the Provincial Bureau of digital economy actively cooperates with Yunnan Radio and television station and Alibaba to jointly build a "peacock code" integrated e-commerce live broadcast platform through the 1+2+n integrated e-commerce layout, that is, taking "peacock code" as the center and the country's first official store and official live broadcast room based on blockchain QR code technology as the platform, Supported by N integrated e-commerce sectors, build a brand publishing hall, exhibition hall, publicity hall and cultural exchange hall that centrally display, drive and transform Yunnan's "three cards", so as to promote the digital and in-depth development of brands in our province. In addition, the Yunnan blockchain application implementation plan is being accelerated. Through three years of efforts, we will strive to build a national leading application benchmark in the fields of "peacock code", blockchain electronic invoice, supply chain finance, government data sharing, and build a resource rich, efficient, safe and reliable blockchain application ecosystem.
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