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Blockchain is not a place outside the law, nor is it a monster

Time : 05/06/2022 Author : 71v9uo Click : + -
        The blockchain industry has huge development potential and broad prospects. The integration of blockchain technology should play an important role in promoting new technologies and industrial changes, which can not be underestimated. It is an important breakthrough in China's nuclear technology innovation. ". On the other hand, "blockchain is a special currency", "blockchain is cryptocurrency", "blockchain and cryptocurrency are financial fraud", "blockchain is a fraud"... Such voices are also constantly emerging. In this article, the digital economy industry research institute will start from the past and present of blockchain, lead readers to unlock this fragmented cognition, understand the purpose of the country's call for the development of blockchain technology, more deeply understand the significance of this technology, and understand that "blockchain is not an outlaw place, nor a beast".
        Blockchain is essentially a decentralized database. It refers to the technical solution of collectively maintaining a reliable database through past centralization and de trust. Blockchain technology can be regarded as a distributed, open and decentralized large-scale network account book. Anyone can use the same technical standards to add their own information at any time, extend the blockchain, and continue to meet the data entry needs brought by various needs. Blockchain is a chain composed of blocks one after another. Certain information is stored in each block, and they are connected into a chain according to their respective time sequence. Based on these two characteristics, the information recorded by blockchain is more authentic and reliable. Without establishing mutual trust, participants can reach a consensus without the intervention of any third-party center, and solve the problem of reliable transmission of trust and value at a very low cost.
        Precisely because bitcoin and blockchain technology are "twins", bitcoin and blockchain seem to have a relationship with nuclear physics. People often attribute the "sin" of bitcoin to blockchain. But just as nuclear physics can be used to generate electricity in addition to being made, so is blockchain. We do not attribute the fault of application to technology itself. Because the financial attribute of bitcoin is innate, cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology such as bitcoin appear before value. "Price can not be the expression of value at all. Some things are not commodities in themselves, such as conscience, reputation, etc., but can also be sold by their owners in exchange for money".
        Therefore, the realization of value often takes the form of concept, that is, the form of price, so that things that have no value at all can realize great value. At the same time, this means that bitcoin exists when it is completely decoupled from the use value, so its value-added is irrational, and it may soar rapidly under various expectations;. It is this kind of "price" oriented rather than value oriented reason that makes its profits surge. Today, the rise of special currency is up to 25.95 million times in history. Such crazy profits have prompted us to expand the blockchain technology in the field of cryptocurrency regardless of the profit, ignoring the research on improving the performance of blockchain, and cryptocurrency has become a tool of financial manipulation.
        At the same time, as a technology with decentralization as the core concept, bitcoin is difficult to be regulated by law, and once became the "place of implementation" of financial crimes such as money laundering and fraud. Blockchain, in essence, is a secure, tamper proof and traceable giant record network. Its birth is because of special currency, but its mission is not just to serve special currency. Just like APA, the predecessor of Internet, at the beginning of its birth, it only served the computer network of the U.S. military. From the opening of Internet to the world in 1973 to the first birth in European Nuclear Research in 1991, it has been less than 50 years since Internet has been integrated into our lives and is not in place. The same is true of blockchain technology. It has been only 13 years since the birth of blockchain technology, which was announced by Nakamoto in November 2008.
        Many people wonder what blockchain technology can do? Why have we failed to feel that blockchain can bring earth shaking changes to our lives like interconnection, except for various and endless cryptocurrencies and exchanges in the past few years?. These questions are exactly what we want to explain. Throughout the history of Internet development, it took more than years from the opening to the world in 1973 to the late 1990s to have a relatively mature system. The rapid development of Internet in the 21st century relies on the accumulation of previous years. Blockchain has been around for only 13 years now. Seeing this, you must know that today's blockchain, like the Internet in the late 1980s, is still accumulating and waiting for thin hair.
        Nowadays, with the maturity of blockchain technology and the continuous development of nuclear technology, blockchain will eventually get rid of the unique value of integration and develop into a broader and more meaningful field for similar activities. The security, tamper proof, traceability and distributed network of blockchain make it have the advantages of saving costs, eliminating opaque operation and protecting personal information in many fields. In the field of copyright and notarization, the cost limit of combating piracy and lawlessness can be close to 0. Moreover, because of its traceable characteristics, notarization times can make notarization proof at any time in any field, saving the time cost of repeated and repeated notarization;. Before the advent of blockchain technology, cross-border remittance had to go through several banks and through the special network between banks, and it could be completed only after a long process.
        Through blockchain technology, cross-border remittance with great security can be directly sent through computers or machines. The blockchain technology, which can quickly and safely realize cross-border transfer without going through the current bank network, is a new system that is not affected by the hegemony of US dollar financing for China and other countries except the United States and its allies. The strength of the United States is built on the dollar financial hegemony, military hegemony and network hegemony. Now the emergence of blockchain technology has shaken the status of the United States' financial hegemony and network hegemony. This is a good opportunity for China. If China builds a financial system based on blockchain technology, it can formulate many financial policies. If China formulates the standards of blockchain and popularizes them, many countries and enterprises will be included in China's economic circle, and then China will become the rule setter.
        With the development of technology, blockchain technology will become a part of the interconnected state. The segment of technology reshapes the trust system. Using legal restraint technology will not be used in the wrong way. Blockchain is neither a beast nor an extrajudicial place.
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