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Bitcoin hovers in 2W. How can I find a part-time job on Web3?

Time : 17/07/2021 Author : v2oj9q Click : + -
        After entering the bear market, there are not so many chicken blood projects, most of which are silently promoted. I don't know which can survive the downturn market and usher in the outbreak. Learn more in the bear market and record the progress of learning last week. Last week, I received the air drop reward during somnilife interaction. There were more than 2W so's, and my friends received more than 100000, and some of them had done the interaction and had not received the token. Somnilife is a social network meta universe center based on Web3, in which players can explore, socialize, live, and hold NFT exhibitions to realize multi scene switching; There is also land, in which players can operate and build and create profits.
        In the Theia game, players with a complete set of spacecraft NFT can get the chance to divide the prize pool; You can also pledge the spacecraft NFT in the event to obtain tiatoken income. Carbon neutralization is a project built on the collection and trading of personal carbon assets. Players who hold NFT can collect carbon assets through their own low-carbon emission reduction lifestyle, and sell them in the market into income. There are some platforms dedicated to distributing full-time and part-time positions of blockchain projects. Full time positions naturally require strong technical capabilities; Part time work may serve as an entrance for learners. For example, both gitcoin and radius platforms have Web3 part-time tasks. Users can receive and complete the tasks, and receive the corresponding rewards after reaching the standard.
        The price of bitcoin continues to hover below US $2W, and the development of various projects in the market has become slow. In the long bear market cycle, find a direction to provide cognition, and strengthen efforts in the bear market, so as to see opportunities in the bull market. Where time is spent, cognition is improved. The bear market is long, and the probability of losing money in any project is greater, or it takes longer to wait for the project to grow.
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