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Btctrade blockchain daily news (December 22)

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        Anatolyaksakov, chairman of the Financial Market Committee of the Russian State Duma, said that the Russian national legislature is expected to officially issue the new cryptocurrency law on December 28. Russian media RIA and Tass quoted aksakov as saying that this new law will officially regulate the creation and trading of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, which may take effect at the beginning of next year. Goldman Sachs is said to be setting up a cryptocurrency trading team to provide market making services for digital currencies such as bitcoin. This will make Goldman Sachs the first large Wall Street company to market cryptocurrencies. On the one hand, the sharp rise and violent fluctuation of cryptocurrency prices have stimulated the imagination of the public, but also deterred financial institutions.
        At present, Goldman Sachs is one of the few mainstream companies that provide clearing for bitcoin futures of CBOE global markets and Chicago Mercantile Exchange. BtcTrade. Im station announced that it would officially open the achain (ACT) transaction at 15 p.m. on the 22nd. Act's unique rdpos distributed consensus mechanism realizes Turing's complete smart contract virtual machine with independent intellectual property rights. The transaction performance on the chain is up to 1000tps. It is a simple, fast and safe public chain. Users can use achain to quickly deploy enterprise level decentralized applications such as digital assets and smart contracts.
        The European Central Bank will recruit a blockchain expert. The European Central Bank said that this position belongs to the general market infrastructure construction and payment Bureau of the European Central Bank. Its job responsibilities are: To evaluate the solutions of distributed ledger Technology (DLT) and artificial intelligence (AI) under the existing market infrastructure service conditions; Monitor the technological development of DLT and AI; Assist in the design of conceptual validation of market infrastructure services; Work closely with it peers to conduct experiments based on DLT solutions. Harvey ·, former chairman of the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC); Pete said that the SEC will crack down on suspicious cryptocurrencies and plans to introduce some strict regulatory measures next year.
        Previously, the SEC has issued warnings, and the financial industry regulators have also increased warnings. Peter said, "further regulatory activities are imminent.". The share price of an ice tea beverage company called "longislandicedtea" in the United States soared on Thursday, rising nearly 300% at the beginning of the session, and soared more than 400% in pre session trading. The reason for the surge was that the company announced that it would change its name to "longblockchaincorp.". Mark &bull, governor of the Bank of England (BOE), the British central bank; Carney said the surge in bitcoin would not pose a threat to global financial stability.
        According to Reuters, during a conversation between Parliament and British lawmakers, Carney said that the recent price change of bitcoin was "noteworthy" and more like an "equity risk". The former main team of Hang Seng electronic Homs system will focus on the blockchain industry and mainly allocate funds for digital currency exchanges. Homs is a software that can split the account into multiple molecular accounts, so as to carry out the real offer transaction of sub warehouse management. Users can open a main account at the securities firm, and then open multiple sub accounts under the main account for transactions. In the leveraged bull market in 2015, the role of Homs system is "indispensable". According to the latest tax reform plan of the Republican Party of the United States, investors in bitcoin and other virtual currencies will lose an attractive tax preference.
        Experts said that the new restrictions in the bill will prohibit virtual currency holders from delaying the payment of capital income tax when trading one virtual currency for another, thus closing the gray area in the current tax law. However, some analysts believe that this adjustment will not deter traders. These traders choose to enter the market without studying digital currency, let alone the tax problem of digital currency. Return to Sohu to see more.
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