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Zhigui technology successfully won the bid for the blockchain technology consulting service project of industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Time : 20/06/2021 Author : tfmxbw Click : + -
        Recently, Xi'an Zhigui Internet Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhigui Technology) successfully won the bid for the blockchain technology consulting service project of industrial and Commercial Bank of China to jointly promote the application and innovation of blockchain in the financial field. In this cooperation, Zhigui technology will provide technical support for the industrial and Commercial Bank of China's enterprise blockchain technology platform "ICBC seal chain", as well as relevant training, consulting and other services. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China launched an enterprise blockchain technology platform with independent intellectual property rights &mdash& mdash; ICBC seal chain is an industry leader in financial level security, privacy protection and other technical fields. At present, the platform has made more than 60 core technological breakthroughs and submitted 42 invention patent applications.
        In the construction of blockchain scenarios, we actively explored the innovative application of the "blockchain +" financial application ecosystem, and made application breakthroughs in supply chain finance, cross-border trade, digital government and other business areas. In October, 2019, in the filing number of domestic blockchain information services released by the state Internet Information Office, "ICBC Xi chain blockchain services" and "industrial and Commercial Bank of China blockchain based financial services" were listed. Zhigui technology is the leader in the research and development and practice of domestic blockchain core technology, and it is also the first unit in China to register through blockchain information services. At present, it is at the leading level in the technical fields of underlying blockchain architecture, consensus algorithm, cross chain technology, multi-party security computing and so on.
        More than 200 patent applications and software copyright applications have been completed, involving core areas such as blockchain system architecture, scalability, cross chain processing solutions, security monitoring and operation and maintenance, business data lifecycle management and privacy protection. Not long ago, with its excellent performance, Zhigui technology's xinhuitong supply chain financial service platform passed the first batch of trusted blockchain supply chain financial tests and obtained the authoritative certification of the China Academy of information technology. Zhigui technology has carried out project cooperation based on blockchain technology with well-known financial institutions such as people's Bank of China finance, zhongtengyun factoring, Chang'an enterprise finance, and continuously promoted the deep integration of blockchain technology with the financial industry and the value transformation of technological achievements in practice.
        Winning the bid for the blockchain technology consulting service project of industrial and Commercial Bank of China is another solid footprint of Zhigui technology in helping the innovation and development of financial technology. Taking this opportunity, Zhigui technology will work closely with industrial and Commercial Bank of China to help the exploration and practice of blockchain technology in the financial field.
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