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Free blockchain,China Automobile Association released the blockchain platform for trusted storage of automobile data, which will provide free services from now on

Time : 26/02/2022 Author : t2bdq1 Click : + -
        Shanghai Stock Exchange China Securities Network News on April 28, the China Association of automobile manufacturers (hereinafter referred to as the China Automobile Association) organized and held a "smart Internet vehicle data security seminar" in Beijing. Discuss issues related to data-based safety supervision and data trustworthiness deposit, and release the blockchain platform for automotive data trustworthiness deposit. From the first Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the first Institute of the Ministry of public security, the Academy of information and communications, the national monitoring and management platform of new energy vehicles, the German automobile industry association, FAW, SAIC, Chang'an, Dongfeng, BAIC, GAC, Geely, Weilai, ideal, Xiaopeng, Tesla, Huawei, NavInfo, and relevant enterprises and scientific research institutions of intelligent Internet connected vehicles at the ground level.
        Participants had in-depth discussions on data security supervision, industry development, privacy protection of private data, and data credibility. It is believed that data security is the core of the development of the industry, and the industry urgently needs to establish an intelligent networked vehicle data trust system between the government, enterprises, and users; At the same time, we should give full play to market advantages and promote the use of new technologies and new means to improve the system. In order to solve the problems of large data volume, high storage cost, difficult traceability, and difficult data security in the era of intelligent Internet connected vehicles, the China Automobile Association, together with relevant enterprises, issued the "automobile data trusted storage blockchain platform" for the whole industry. The platform takes advantage of the unique data tamper proof, traceability and other characteristics of blockchain technology, and can provide enterprises with data trusted storage services only by uploading data hash values (without uploading any original data).
        At present, the construction of the platform has been completed, and relevant services can be provided to member enterprises free of charge from now on. (Zhou Jian).
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