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Product of blockchain Technology,Housing rental "meta universe" was born in Shanghai, and the housing source information is no longer distorted by intermediaries

Time : 13/12/2021 Author : nds3pe Click : + -
        The hot "meta universe" can not only be used in social platforms and online games, but also serve people's livelihood. After more than a year of prototype verification, the "meta universe" of Housing leasing supported by the tree map blockchain was recently born in Xuhui District, Shanghai, and about 3000 public rental housing information will be launched one after another. Due to the transparent and tamper proof nature of the blockchain process, the listing information of this public rental network platform will not be distorted by real estate agents, benefiting landlords and tenants. Housing rental "meta universe" has great expansion potential. Dr. Yang Guang, research director of Shanghai Shutu blockchain Research Institute, believes that in the future, it can not only include social rental housing and housing property rights transactions, but also add a series of life services such as housekeeping, maintenance, education, and more truly map the needs of the real society to the virtual world.
        "If we can integrate housing data, digital identity, blockchain finance and warrants, three-dimensional modeling and VR (virtual reality) display, artificial intelligence recommendation and other technologies, we will completely change the format of Housing leasing and property rights trading, and greatly improve the efficiency of social operation.". Blockchain is one of the underlying technologies of the "meta universe". As a new R & D institution, the treetop public chain developed by Shanghai treetop blockchain Research Institute is known as the world's third-generation public chain. Professor long fan, Dean of the Research Institute, graduated from the "Yao class" of Tsinghua University, and cooperated with Turing prize winner Yao Qizhi and others to invent the tree graph blockchain with independent intellectual property rights. It breaks through the chain structure of traditional blockchain and embeds a tree structure in a "directed acyclic graph", so it is called "tree graph".
        Since its launch in October 2020, the tree blockchain has been able to process about 3000 transactions per second, with a transaction efficiency 428 times that of the first generation of public chain bitcoin system and 75 times that of the second generation of public chain Ethereum system. The rise of the concept of "meta universe" has brought more application scenarios to blockchain. Last year, Shanghai Shutu blockchain Research Institute, in cooperation with Shanghai Xuhui real estate market management Co., Ltd. and Shanghai real estate brokerage industry association, carried out the prototype verification of the public rental business on the Shutu blockchain. This is the only livelihood project running on the public chain in the world so far, breaking through the inherent mode of running cryptocurrencies, online games and other financial and entertainment social projects on the public chain.
        Why choose housing leasing as the starting point of the "meta universe" of people's livelihood? Dr. Wu Ming, chief technology officer of Shanghai Shutu blockchain Research Institute, said that there were some irregularities in the domestic rental market, mainly manifested in the limited housing supply being "looted", resulting in a significant increase in the source collection and storage price, but the rental price could not be increased accordingly, making it difficult for operating institutions that comply with rules and regulations to survive by relying on a reasonable market price difference. However, speculative operating institutions use the loopholes in the centralized network system to forge information and evade supervision, which leads to the risk of "thunder explosion", and also causes landlords and tenants to distrust intermediaries, bringing higher costs to transactions. After the introduction of blockchain technology, these problems will be solved to varying degrees.
        Unlike the centralized network system, any information on the blockchain network system is tamperable and traceable throughout the process, so after the landlord provides the housing source information, the intermediary can no longer distort the information and make profits from it. "We can effectively trace the uplink information and the operation information of the filling personnel, and verify the reliability of the uplink information through data linkage with government departments." Wu Ming said, "for operators who want to ‘ loot ’, the regulatory authorities can find various amount data on the blockchain and punish illegal operations.". According to the plan, the housing supply information of about 3000 public rental houses in Xuhui District will be all on the chain in the second quarter of this year, and a newly registered enterprise will manage this "meta universe".
        The mobile app is under development, and tenants can query the completely real housing information on the app in the future. "At present, the authenticity of the rental information on some online platforms is in doubt. Tenants are interested in a suite. When they call the platform, it is often an intermediary who answers the phone, and the suite may have been rented to others. The rental platform built with blockchain will not have this problem." Yang Guang told reporters. In his view, the "meta universe" starting from Housing leasing has promotion and application value in Shanghai and even the whole country. In the field of Housing leasing, we can first pilot public rental housing provided by state-owned enterprises, and then expand to social rental housing business, and use blockchain technology to eliminate all kinds of chaos in the housing leasing market.
        Transparent information changes throughout the platform will also help the public security department better manage the floating population. After the integration of blockchain warrants and other functions, housing property rights trading business can also be carried out in this "meta universe". Housekeeping services, electrical maintenance, shopping and takeout &hellip& hellip; The life services required by these residents can enter the blockchain "metauniverse" in the future, and provide high-quality services to users on a trusted network platform that cannot "kill" with big data. The "meta universe" created for residents can also include "distributed autonomous organizations" (abbreviated as Dao) for digital governance of residential areas. Yang Guang introduced that it is also a product of blockchain technology. The procedural rules and interaction history of autonomous organizations are recorded on the blockchain, which can effectively protect users' right to know and decision-making.
        The early well-known case of Dao abroad is the crowdfunding venture capital fund "thedao" established in April 2016, which reduces the dark box operation through the decision-making method of direct voting of shareholders, so as to protect the interests of shareholders. After 2019, with the explosion of blockchain applications, more Daos with governance functions and value distribution functions have emerged abroad. Nowadays, "distributed autonomous organization" has become the preferred way for web (World Wide Web) 3.0 application users to participate in governance and decision-making. In the "meta universe" of residents' lives, Dao can provide digital voting tools for owner voting, questionnaire survey, third-party evaluation and other scenarios.
        Compared with online platform voting, Dao, as a blockchain application, has the characteristics of open rules, transparent process and credible results. It is very suitable for democratic decision-making and social investigation in communities and other scenarios. "Many people know that hot search on some network platforms is not credible and can be bought with money. If blockchain platforms such as Dao are adopted, the credibility of hot search will become very high." Yang Guang gave an example. The "distributed autonomous organization" can also be combined with cryptography technology to ensure the anonymity of voting activities. Based on these application prospects, Shanghai tree blockchain Research Institute plans to study high-performance secure multi-party computing and verifiable computing technology, and develop Dao with functions such as digital authentication and anonymous voting on the chain.
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