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Blockchain concept trend is strong, and Yu Yin shares, Zhejiang University network, etc. rose by the new limit

Time : 11/03/2022 Author : u1c0xo Click : + -
        Blockchain concept had an active intraday trend on the 22nd. As of press time, Futong Xinmao, Royal Bank, Hengyin technology, Zhejiang University net new, Runhe software, Tianyin holdings and other companies rose by the limit, while digital authentication and radio and television express rose by more than 9%. In terms of news, the information released on the official website of Beijing local financial supervision and administration bureau shows that recently, the CSRC issued the letter on agreeing in principle to the construction of blockchain in five regional equity markets including Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shenzhen, and agreed in principle to the participation of regional equity markets such as Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shenzhen in the pilot work of blockchain construction. Some analysts said that the rapid development of blockchain technology in China cannot be separated from the attention of the state and policy support.
        In April this year, blockchain was identified as an important part of new infrastructure by the national development and Reform Commission. Recently, local support policies have also been introduced, occupying the highland of blockchain technology. With the continuous promotion of national policies, 2020 will be an important year for the combination of blockchain and industry, and a key period in the history of blockchain development and application. CICC research report pointed out that blockchain technology has the characteristics of decentralization, tamperability and traceability, and is suitable for solving the problem of mutual trust between cross stakeholders. The large-scale application of blockchain technology is expected to reduce the difficulty of trust and save transaction costs, thus helping the development of a credible economy. We can see that blockchain technology plays an important role in epidemic prevention and control: 1) promoting transparency and openness of information, such as ant blockchain and interest chain providing charity material traceability services to the public; 2) Blockchain is combined with privacy computing to realize Case Travel tracking and sharing, medical data sharing, etc. on the premise of ensuring individual privacy; 3) Break the data island between different government departments, help e-government, reduce people's need to go out to work, and even build an effective distributed epidemic prevention and control system.
        Blockchain is expected to be the first to be implemented on a large scale in the fields of government affairs and finance. In addition, it is also optimistic about the application prospects of blockchain technology in traceability, supply chain, medical treatment, justice, intellectual property and other fields.
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