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Global market]ibm launches blockchain cloud service, which can create a more secure network

Time : 24/01/2022 Author : rv703l Click : + -
        On March 20, techcrunch reported that im today launched a public cloud service blockchain as a service, lockchainaervice, which is developed based on the hyerledgerfaric open source structure. Im's blockchain as a service is a public cloud service. Blockeye app news: IBM's blockchain as a service is a public cloud service that customers can use to develop secure networks. Ibm2016 put forward this idea, which is the first time it is ready to use this technology. Blockchain is a concept known only in 2008 as a method of tracking bitcoin transactions of digital currency.
        Because its core blockchain is transparent and resistant to digital tampering, it can track the activities of bitcoin in a secure and transparent way, as well as other types of data in private networks. This can help private companies or government departments to establish more worthy networks, where users can freely share information. Because they know that the members in the network can see the information, and these information cannot be changed after being entered. Jerry, vice president of IBM blockchain technology. Jerrycuomo said that IBM is providing a complete set of cloud services to help customers create, deploy and manage networks. This is in line with IBM's broader strategy, as it hopes to provide customers with more categories of cloud services.
        Although the blockchain's blocks are developed based on the hyperledgerfabric open source project (IBM is also a development member), IBM provides a variety of security services, making it more popular with enterprise customers. It can not only help simplify complex technologies as a cloud service, but also make it easier to try private data centers. Cuomo said: not long ago, we and other industry members believed that an organization needed to take care of, control and guide blockchain technology to help it become a real business. Hyperledgerfabric project was born at the end of 2015, including statestreetbank, Accenture, Fujitsu and Intel.
        Although these companies are committed to ensuring the security of the network, enveloping, inviting members and providing encryption credentials, these work are done in the name of establishing the network. IBM believes that by adding more security services to IBM cloud services, the platform can become more secure. Cuomo admitted that he could not guarantee that IBM's blockchain service was unbreakable, but he said that the company had taken many security measures to protect it, including isolating it from the general cloud computing environment, establishing a security container to prevent unauthorized access, and providing tamper response hardware. When someone tries to invade, the latter will shut down automatically. IBM also announced that its blockchain products are based on a high degree of auditability, which allows administrators to audit what may go wrong with all activities occurring in the network.
        In addition to the blockchain service itself, IBM also announced the launch of digital identity and affiliate networks for its customer securekeytechnologies. This company is testing the consumer digital network, which is developed for Bank of Canada using IBM blockchain technology. If successful, it can greatly simplify and ensure our ability to maintain and share identities in the digital environment, so that we can only disclose our information at the request of the authorities, and we can withdraw these sharing permissions at any time. On Monday, the A-share market showed a narrow volatility trend. The Shanghai index opened higher and fell slightly. Then, affected by the rise of Chinese prefix stocks, the three major stock indexes rebounded one after another. In the afternoon, the market was green, and the Shanghai index fell again to the 30th line. Towards the end of the day, Xinjiang stocks and road and railway transportation sectors took turns to drive the Shanghai index up and turn red.
        Today, the performance of Shanghai index is stronger than that of Shenzhen market and gem. As of the close, the Shanghai index closed at 3250.81 points, up 13.36 points, or 0.41%, with a turnover of 214 billion yuan. The Shenzhen composite index reported 10532.33 points, up 16.92 points, or 0.16%, with a turnover of 281.8 billion yuan. Gem reported 1953.82 points, up 4.16 points, or 0.21%, with a transaction of 85.24 billion yuan.
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