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Favorable policies, metauniverse from concept to industrial action

Time : 21/08/2021 Author : 621kaz Click : + -
        In July this year, the action plan of Shanghai for cultivating yuancosmos new track (2022-2025) (hereinafter referred to as the action plan) was announced. The action plan stipulates that by 2025, the scale of relevant industries of Shanghai yuancosmos will reach 350billion yuan, cultivate more than 10 innovative leading enterprises and chain leading enterprises with international competitiveness, and create more than 100 specialized and special new enterprises with core technology and high-energy and high growth. Wang Dong, director of Shanghai Investment Promotion Service Center, said that yuancosmos, as one of the first four new tracks in Shanghai, has been highly concerned at home and abroad since its launch. From the layout of last year, to the action plan released in July, to the 2022 Shanghai yuancosmos summit, Shanghai has become the first province in China to take the lead in action.
        In January, 2022, at the press conference on the development of small and medium-sized enterprises held by the Ministry of industry and information technology, Liang Zhifeng, director of the Bureau of small and medium-sized enterprises of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that special attention should be paid to cultivating a number of small giant enterprises deeply rooted in professional fields, such as industrial Internet, industrial software, network and data security, intelligent sensors, and cultivating a number of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises entering emerging fields such as metauniverse, blockchain, artificial intelligence and so on. Industrial parks with the theme of meta universe also emerge in endlessly. Either hardware based, based on the main line of vr/ar core hardware manufacturing industry, or software based, focusing on the layout of games, film and television, social networking and other segments.
        Src= during the 14th Five Year Plan period, it is necessary to develop strategic emerging industries. The national level attaches importance to the development of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, mobile Internet, Internet of things and other industries. The national level and the outline of the 14th five year plan of various provinces and cities have mentioned related industries for many times, which has promoted the development of related industries of the meta universe. According to the "Research Report on the market prospects and investment opportunities of China's yuancosmos industry" released by the China Academy of commerce industry, it is estimated that the market size of yuancosmos will reach 126.35 billion yuan in 2027. Src= from concept formation to concept dissemination, from technology drive to capital intervention, metauniverse can be called the most vigorous line year in the past two years, and it is even called the first year of metauniverse. The actions of domestic and foreign capital markets are enough to confirm: in March 2021, the first stock roblox of metauniverse was listed on the New York Stock Exchange, with a market value of more than $38billion on the first day; In July, Facebook announced that it would transform into metauniverse within five years and officially changed its name to meta in October; In August, chip giant NVIDIA spent hundreds of millions of dollars to launch Omniverse, a simulation platform built for metauniverse; In November, Microsoft announced that it would create a more entrepreneurial metauniverse, where users could share office documents in the virtual world.
        Src= recently, meta commissioned the international economic consulting firm analysisgroup to prepare a metauniverse white paper, which predicts the impact of metauniverse technology on the global economy based on the development of mobile devices. According to the report, if metacosmic technology is adopted from 2022, by 2031, metacosmic technology will contribute $3.01 trillion to global GDP, one third of which ($1.04 trillion) will come from the Asia Pacific region. Src= four ways of understanding a meta universe. In recent years, affected by the COVID-19, people have fewer meetings in the physical world and closer ties in the digital world.
        In this context, people are increasingly demanding a space that can carry a digital lifestyle. This gives the digital space in the meta universe a chance to develop. With the entry of different players, the concept of metauniverse is also rotating rapidly. According to several views in the current market, it can be roughly divided into the following four ways of understanding:. In 2021, there was a discussion in the overseas science and technology circle: does Tencent in China have the opportunity to build a meta universe through investment acquisitions all over the world? At that time, the logic of the overseas science and technology circle was that Tencent got involved in many different platforms and content through investment. It can completely connect these platforms with a unified account system and economic order, so that different content and digital assets can flow and operate across platforms, which is equivalent to building an underlying digital universe under various platforms.
        In March 2021, roblox, a co creation game platform, was listed on the New York Stock Exchange, which again attracted the market's attention to the concept of metauniverse. At that time, roblox was recognized by the market as the most meta cosmic virtual platform, because it not only provided a virtual game world, but also supported users to create small games by themselves, just like creating small worlds. Look at metauniverse through Tencent. Metauniverse is like a general passport to open up the whole digital world; Look at metauniverse through roblox. Metauniverse is like an open world game where users also have administrator rights. Together, we can see that the scientific and technological community had two expectations for the metauniverse at that time:.
        Src= concept 2: a highly equipped 3D social network. In the second half of 2021, Facebook changed its name to meta, saying that in the future, everything will be given priority to metauniverse rather than Facebook platform. At that time, the world was shocked. People who had not heard the word asked around all night: what is the metauniverse that can make Facebook not even want face?. At this stage, the creators of the metauniverse depict the metauniverse more like a highly equipped 3D social product. Like the renamed meta company, in December, it released a virtual reality app called horizon world & mdash; A social / work platform in the sense of meta universe is used to allow users to create content and interact in the meta universe.
        Baidu also launched a meta universe app "xirang" — It also focuses on virtual space customization and human-computer interaction of full truth scenes, hoping to attract customers to do education and training, hold exhibitions, do marketing activities, build virtual industrial parks, etc. Unlike previous Weibo, Tiktok and Facebook, these products try to provide users with near real social scenes, and these virtual characters and private venues can be customized. While the industry is busy building the meta universe in its mind, different opinions also begin to appear outside the industry. One of the most representative voices is that metauniverse should not be a product category, but an integration of a set of technologies.
        Liu Feng, Research Institute of the virtual economy and data science research center group of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that since the 21st century, the world's science and technology ecosystem has become more and more centered on the Internet. The more developed it is, the more it looks like a complex intelligent system similar to the brain. In this Internet brain, Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, 5g/6g, artificial intelligence and blockchain are all like the products of nervous system development in this brain, and metauniverse is also one of them. Based on this logic, the meta universe is based on the brain architecture of the Internet, the materialization of human group thinking space or dream world. To build a meta universe is to gather the existing Internet technology and Internet people to build a human group dream.
        A blogger named shaanpuri on twitter believes that humans have misunderstandings about the meta universe. Most people think that the meta universe is a virtual world, but the real meta universe is not a space, but a key time point, which refers to the moment when artificial intelligence becomes smarter than humans in the future. Shaanpuri said that the meta universe is also such a sudden change moment, when people's digital life value is greater than the physical life value. This transformation has been gradually promoted for more than 20 years: our work has shifted from factories to computers, from conference rooms to video conferencing; Friends become fans and followers on social media from neighbors; The main way of playing games for children has also changed from playing basketball and football to soaking in games such as fortress night.
        As we evolve, our attention to the screen may rise from 50% to 90%. At that time, virtual life will be more important than real life. It officially entered the meta universe. The first stage is to start the exploration period. At this stage, different industries are trying to make some technical points online, digitalized and virtualized, which can be regarded as the embryonic stage of the meta universe. At this stage, different players are trying to find the direction of the business model, and have made their voices in the metauniverse segment tracks such as games, NFT, terminal hardware, virtual human, social applications, etc. but the technology and product stage is relatively early, the product form is elementary, and most of the business models have not yet been run through. More importantly, metauniverse is followed and marketed as a hot concept, and the concept hype and concept dissemination are far greater than the physical performance.
        The second stage is the architecture completion period. In this stage, different industries have a more in-depth understanding and technical precipitation of digitalization and virtualization, and can initially realize each independent meta universe based on a single industry. This stage is also the stage of business model formation. Limited by the progressiveness of ecological technologies (blockchain, digital currency, supercomputing power, etc.), it is still at the point of competing with social games, industrial Internet and cloud office platforms. In July, 2022, at the 2022 national information consumption city tour (Shanghai Station) and Shanghai Information Consumption Festival, Zhuang Mudi, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, and Wu Jincheng, director of the Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission, awarded licenses to Hongqiao Zhiyuan Shanghai online new economic ecological park and Zhangjiang digital chain Caohejing Yuanchuang future two Shanghai yuancosmos industrial innovation parks.
        The Zhangjiang digital chain, located within the scope of Zhangjiang Science City, covers a total area of 1.91 square kilometers. It has formed a complete industrial ecology around the five links of meta universe link, interaction, calculation, tools and ecology, and will strive to build a meta universe industrial agglomeration and ecological leading area; In the future, Caohejing Yuanchuang will focus on the flow highway, computing algorithm hub, standard pilot platform, and cutting-edge application scenarios, and will build a world-class preferred place for the meta universe industry, innovation and collaboration area, talent reservoir, and integrated application field. Although it will take time for the development and improvement of metauniverse technology, the final shape of the metauniverse is not determined by concepts and assumptions, but will be formed in the continuous development and creation.
        In 2022, with the further development of blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud technology, digital twins and other technologies, and the impact of epidemic and new consumption on supply and demand, metauniverse seems to be coming to us!. In the context of the rise of metauniverse, 5g, as the network infrastructure of the link layer, its characteristics of low latency, large bandwidth and high speed, will strongly support disruptive innovations in the fields of edge computing, Internet of things, 8K Ultra HD, superimpose vr/ar, Internet of vehicles, industrial Internet, smart medicine, smart finance and other consumer applications, and will give birth to a number of killer applications. The brewing of the concept of meta universe, the dissemination of ideas and the iterative upgrading of industries driven by capital are the process of the rapid development of science and technology and the outbreak of human imagination.
        For enterprises, they can try to actively embrace this new thing, clarify their layout and positioning in the vision of the meta universe, accelerate the digital transformation and upgrading, lock in the subdivision track that matches their own resources and capabilities, continue to strengthen the construction of their own core capabilities, and better adapt to the development of digital ecology and invest in it. (source: Ding Zuyu comments on the property market).
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