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Blockchain is about to change the game industry

Time : 21/03/2022 Author : u7rmed Click : + -
        In recent years, the electronic game industry has developed rapidly. Especially in technology, it not only followed the pace of the development of new technology, but even went ahead of new technology for a time. When it comes to the combination of games and new technologies, we have to talk about the impact of blockchain, an emerging technology, on the game industry in recent years. Without exception, with the rise of this emerging technology, many game companies have tried to develop games based on this technology. Ubisoft, a French game giant famous for assassin’ s creed and farcry series games, also announced recently that they are ready to integrate blockchain, a new technology, into their newly developed games.
        So, what changes can blockchain bring to the game industry? How will it integrate with the game industry?. At present, the video game industry is a very attractive industry for any investor. Therefore, it is not surprising that the initial private placement was very popular among video game developers. But what is the magical power of blockchain technology that now game companies are flocking to it?. As early as 2014, game applications using blockchain technology appeared. At that time, players began to use huntercoin or "cryptocat" to make money, and the latter was very popular in the first year.
        It takes advantage of an important attribute of blockchain Technology: transaction information cannot be tampered with. In this game, no one has the right to change the game data. This means that neither game developers nor game players can cheat in this game, which establishes an absolute trust relationship between all participants of this game. In addition, this trust relationship is also used in the trading process of game items. Using blockchain technology in a video game means that the game releases and supports cryptocurrencies. In this game, the game token is a single currency, which is used to represent the value of all items traded in the game. All items in the game can be purchased with this cryptocurrency, and these transactions are automatically executed through smart contracts, which greatly improves the reliability and security of transactions.
        After the success of these small games, the developers and game companies of those large games began to pay attention to this new technology. In early 2017, gameflip, an online store, launched a platform on which anyone can buy and sell digital products. This platform gives players real property ownership, allowing them to trade their goods in the ecosystem without any fraud. At the end of October 2017, opskins, which developed the world's largest centralized market for computer game virtual goods, announced that they would create a decentralized platform called wax to exchange in-game items.
        The platform is a virtual repository, which contains a list of products that can be updated in real time, and the products in these lists can be sold. The platform is based on blockchain protocol and has strong scalability. At the beginning of 2018, brianfargo, CEO of inxileentertainment, a video game distribution platform, joined hands with several other senior people in the game industry to announce the upcoming launch of a new game trading platform, robotcache. Inxileentertainment studio designed a series of games including "radiation", "and".
        The platform uses its own cryptocurrency, iron, which is based on the erc-20 standard. Irons can be issued and traded directly through the robotcache platform. Users can either use the cryptocurrency in the game or convert it into legal tender. The giants of the global game industry are not indifferent to the application of this new technology, nor are they in a hurry to launch blockchain based game projects, but are devoting themselves to studying the possibility of the application of this new technology in the game industry. In 2018, it was reported that one of the world's largest game developers — Ubisoft entertainment software company has been considering using blockchain technology in its game development.
        In February, 2018, nicolaspouard, Ubisoft's blockchain project manager, and robertfall, a senior R & D programmer, announced that they were developing a blockchain game called hashcraft in Ubisoft's strategic innovation laboratory, and explained the significance of this game to Ubisoft:. "The mission of the laboratory is to explore social, technological and commercial trends, which will shape the future of the entertainment industry. On this basis, we are trying to help Ubisoft prepare for these changes. We firmly believe that the power of blockchain technology is huge, and it will bring changes to the entire game industry.". All contents of hashcraft will be stored on the blockchain, but these data are completely owned by the community, not Ubisoft.
        Hashcraft will be built on the private chain. Each player will play the role of a miner in the network &mdash& mdash; All players will land on a randomly generated Island, which is the origin of a blockchain. The island will be represented as the property owned by players. Players can freely explore and start construction after landing. The goal is to create challenges and tasks to meet the players who land in this area later. If players are very satisfied with what they have built on the island, they can choose to make the blockchain public, so that other players can explore these created islands.
        Of course, players can charge tickets from these explorers to get a little reward for their hard work. Most importantly, players can upload the island to the community to get rewards &mdash& mdash; Cryptocurrencies in the game can be used to exchange cryptocurrencies outside the game, as well as currencies in the real world. In the autumn of 2018, Ubisoft became a member of the blockchain Game Alliance, taking another step towards the blockchain industry. The blockchain game alliance aims to promote common standards in the field of blockchain games. Members of the alliance also include industry giants such as fig, which launched its own cryptocurrency Enjin and developed a blockchain platform based on ultra to integrate blockchain technology into the developed games.
        Everdreamsoft, another member of the alliance, is one of the developers of the earliest blockchain game genesis. 2、 At present, the application of blockchain technology in the market must rely on a cryptocurrency, and the volatility of this cryptocurrency is very large, which limits investors' investment in this aspect to a great extent. 3、 Suppliers that support traditional legal currency payment, such as PayPal and applepay, account for a large share in the game payment industry. Whether it's a large game or a low-cost mobile app, today's payment methods focus on impulse shopping and small transactions with modern player characteristics in many aspects.
        Of course, no one is completely free from hackers in the game. 4、 In addition, vladimirtomko, CEO and game producer of blockchain cuties, also said that the lack of reasonable supervision in this field is a huge obstacle to the development of this industry:. "Cryptocurrency has not been fully regulated, and the emergence of many air coins has brought a great negative impact on the industry. For large companies such as Ubisoft, these are serious constraints. If they make mistakes in some place, or are accused of accepting funds that later proved to be illegal, it will seriously affect our public Relations position and stock price.
        ”。 "Large companies take the lead in entering the blockchain market, which is conducive to their strategic position in the industry. They know the market very well, so they will react faster than their competitors. In addition, they can also make mergers and acquisitions of other companies in the same industry. As long as they are interested in the market, the market can develop rapidly. I expect the first batch of transactions will be completed at the end of this year or the middle of next year.". Therefore, if developers can find a way to bypass the weaknesses of blockchain technology, players around the world may soon receive a completely unique game product. Andriysharanevyc, the founder of crypto Game Conference, believes that the first consideration of large game companies is how to monetize blockchain:.
        "Speaking of large developers and publishers, it all depends on the profitability of blockchain. Now, everyone is experimenting and trying to figure out how to use this new technology. As in 2008, everyone was skeptical of IOS platform. Therefore, small developers are exploring this path. Large developers are watching. Once they see the value of blockchain and understand how to make money from it, They will immediately intervene and begin to carve up the market. ". Whether for the purpose of promoting their own games or protecting the rights of consumers, now more and more game developers are beginning to apply blockchain technology to their own game products.
        More and more large game developers are considering integrating this technology. Not only game developers, but also world-renowned brands such as Sony have shown great interest in this technology. Sony applied for a patent for a digital game access system in the spring of 2018. Sony's blockchain platform will allow users to monitor their digital copyright and reduce the number of "pirated" content. Will blockchain bring opportunities for large game companies to show their capabilities, or will it open up a new direction in the game industry? The answer may be revealed in the near future. Now we can see that this technology has been widely used in games, which is encouraging for the blockchain industry.
        At the same time, another question arises, is this technology only applicable to money transfer, and will it also increase the experience of the game?.
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