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LinkedIn blockchain technology community: chain Wen Shizhu (issue 3)

Time : 07/03/2022 Author : 3ea95f Click : + -
        1. Tencent recently released the notice on establishing a digital currency research project team (Virtual Organization) and appointing relevant principals (hereinafter referred to as the notice). He said that he would continue to promote the strategic layout of the company's payment, ensure the long-term and healthy development of the payment business, and further give play to the synergy of resources and technology between departments to develop business groups through CDG enterprises — Payment basic platform and financial application line, WXG wechat business group — Wechat payment line function system — Function line function system — The finance and economics line studied and reported to the head of the relevant business group for review and decision, and set up a digital currency research project team (Virtual Organization) under the payment basic platform and financial application line of the enterprise development business group.
        2. State Grid blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. recently announced that it will comprehensively strengthen the application of blockchain in the field of energy and power, and has formed a typical and highly feasible blockchain technology solution in ten scenarios, including new energy cloud, power trading, high-quality services, comprehensive energy, material procurement, smart finance, smart law, data sharing, safe production, and financial technology. The relevant person in charge revealed that at present, the ten typical scenarios have achieved good results in adapting to the energy reform, optimizing the business environment, improving service levels, improving collaboration efficiency, and strengthening security, realizing the comprehensive empowerment of the "three types and two networks" world-class energy Internet enterprise construction.
        3. Ripple official recently released the 2020 forecast article. As mentioned in the article, asheeshbirla, senior vice president of product management of ripple, said that blockchain technology has great long-term potential. Birla believes that people underestimate the long-term impact of blockchain technology on daily life. He predicted that by 2020, almost all financial applications will use this technology and be completely transformed, but it will take a little longer than expected. 4. Anthonypompliano, founder of morgancreek, recently tweeted that in the past, power was built by accumulating money and interpersonal relationships.
        In the future, power will be built by accumulating bitcoin, computing power and hiring the best software engineers. This "asset light" power structure will reward those who understand the digital world. 5. Li Shisen, product manager of Shenzhen BGI blockchain, recently released the team standard of the application guide for blockchain genetic data services. The application framework of gene data service involves six processes: collecting sequencing samples, sequencing to generate gene data, gene data preprocessing, gene data analysis / storage / transmission / destruction, gene data application, and third-party verification of gene data service application. Li Shisen added that the application of genetic data services also needs to follow four principles: first, the principle of compliance according to law and local regulations; The second is the principle of Hierarchical Authorization, which should consider the source of genetic data samples, the privacy of information carried by different points of genetic data, the impact of the sensitivity of genetic data on national security, and the application purpose and scope of genetic data; Third, the principle of full traceability, the whole process of certification, and consider the mutual conversion between a single gene data file and multiple gene data files; Fourth, the principle of high data security.
        6. According to cointegraph, etcagharata hard fork will include the function of Ethereum Constantinople fork, and it is intended to make etc fully compatible with Ethereum. 7. According to theblockcrypto, Google has suspended the Android client of metamask from its app store. Google cited its policy of banning mobile mining apps from its app store. However, as an Ethereum application browser, metamask does not provide mining activities. After the suspension, metamask filed an appeal, which was rejected by Google.
        8. According to the Securities Daily, the latest research report released by securities companies believes that it has the foundation of scale application in both technology and supervision. At present, many experimental application cases of blockchain have appeared in the fields of games, medicine, Internet of things, logistics, identity authentication and so on. It is expected that 2020 will be the year of centralized implementation of blockchain applications, and alliance chain will be the main way of implementation. It is expected to open many blockchain pilot scenarios in 2020, and the "blockchain +" application will rapidly penetrate, and its combination with 5g, the Internet of things and AI will also be more grounded.
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