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New continent company innovatively uses blockchain technology to solve the pain points of government informatization

Time : 08/09/2021 Author : grdfa7 Click : + -
        Fuzhou news network, December 22 (Fuzhou Daily reporter Ouyang power trainee reporter LAN Yuping, correspondent Wu Danhong) "in the past, when I went to the community to open a certificate, I needed a community secretary or director to open it. Now ordinary staff can open it." On the 21st, Wang Fengying, an 87 year old resident of Mawei Xingang community, was quite satisfied with the convenient service of the community after completing the certification procedures. This change is due to the "blockchain + government" application &mdash& mdash; Community certification system. Lian Yong, Secretary of the Party committee of Xingang community, said that the official seal of the community can't be stamped casually. In the past, it can only be recorded manually after issuing the certificate. Now there is a community certification system, all certificates can be archived and classified on the computer, and residents can issue certificates and stamps, which can be handled by ordinary community staff.
        In view of the problems of a wide variety of certificates, insufficient effective archiving, and the risk of tampering in the issuance of certificates by the community, the community certification system is divided into three links: registration, certification, and verification. While building the system, it standardizes the content attribution of all kinds of certificates, as well as the demand department and destination of certificates, and uniformly manages and standardizes the certification documents issued by the community with seals. In order to facilitate operation, the community is equipped with a high timer. Relevant materials are kept on file through the high timer, and then watermark marks are added to prevent information theft, and synchronized to the blockchain. Blockchain technology is used to prevent tampering with certificates. Since the new system was put into operation in April, 121 certificates have been issued, including temporary residence certificate, public rental certificate, health certificate, etc.
        Lian Yong said that the community has also accepted the need to issue certificates such as that the leased premises are not within the scope of requisition and relocation, and that the real estate has no property rights disputes, which is time-consuming and laborious. The next step will be to make good use of the system and connect with the relevant government departments to make the certificates less and less. According to reports, this reform and innovation initiative has achieved the electronic issuance of certificates required by enterprises and the masses to handle affairs, and established an electronic certificate library to facilitate residents to prove that "I am me", promote the transformation from "reduced certificate" to "no certificate", let data run errands instead of people, improve work efficiency, and better serve the masses. Since October last year, blockchain technology has attracted much attention from all walks of life. New continent digital technology company then submitted a "21n" (2 is government affairs chain and enterprise chain, 1 is a data platform, n is n applications) plan to the Mawei District government, planning and building a "Mawei on the chain", and achieving the goal of "connecting data islands, converging data platforms, cooperating with industry departments, and developing digital Mawei".
        This year, Mawei District public resources trading center and Mawei Xingang community first launched the application of "blockchain + government affairs", using blockchain technology to solve the pain points of government informatization.
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