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Blockchain public accounts are centrally blocked, and we media development should take the right path

Time : 18/07/2021 Author : vesbkz Click : + -
        On the evening of August 21, the money circle was full of sorrow and sleepless all night. A number of wechat big names involved in blockchain, such as golden finance and economics, coin world express service, cannon rating, tokenclub, bitwu, Huo coin information, Shenzhen chain finance, etc., all showed that the account violated the Interim Provisions on the development and management of instant messaging tools public information services, and had been ordered to block all content and stop using it. In response, the platform side said that some official account suspected of publishing hype information about ICO (initial public offering) and virtual currency transactions have been ordered to block all content, and the accounts have been permanently blocked. In 2017, the digital currency represented by bitcoin ushered in a boom year, and the high level of $20000 created a wealth freedom myth.
        At the same time, in addition to money speculation, there is also a so-called blockchain we media circle that has also become a demon. Some blockchain we media have about 200 clicks, with a sky high price of 100000, and a thousand word article is priced at 100000 yuan. Of course, this is not just "many people are stupid with money". To be frank, the coin circle has almost become a synonym for money encirclement and money pit. The reason why the gold owners are generous is to wave flags and shout for money pit activities. The high price of coin circle we media is also because it includes the price of selling conscience. Obviously, the information suspected of publishing the speculation of ICO and virtual currency transactions has violated the relevant laws of China (the regulations of the central bank and other departments belong to the level of regulations in the legal system).
        The permanent closure of these accounts is to curb the spread of such illegal acts, which is very timely and necessary. ICO was originally a financial innovation of enterprise financing. However, because China does not recognize the legal status of virtual currencies such as bitcoin, and pyramid schemes are also fishing in troubled waters in ICO, the central bank declared ICO illegal. However, the coin circle did not stop because of this. Coin circle we media is still making waves, and the so-called coin circle big V is also talking nonsense under the banner of experts. The problem is that even professional institutional investors are difficult to use existing research or models to truly evaluate their value, not to mention the judgment ability of ordinary investors.
        It can be said that it is the current fuzzy and controversial value of blockchain and virtual currency that breeds the soil for some people to fish in troubled waters and even break the law. In fact, it is expected that the blockchain official account will be centrally blocked this time, and we media has long been known to be suspected of hyping ICO virtual currency. According to people familiar with the matter, some recommended coins can get 100000 yuan for a simple thousand word article from the media. Although its authenticity needs to be verified, it also shows the huge profits of using ICO to issue virtual currencies to a certain extent. However, such windfall profits must be based on entrapment of ordinary investors. However, objectively speaking, coin circle we media are not all waving flags for money, and there are not a few rational we media. Therefore, this rectification is not to ban all of them, let alone that blockchain we media has no future.
        In fact, blockchain and related we media have no original sin. On the contrary, blockchain is recognized as a technological trend representing future development. It is widely used and has close application links with artificial intelligence, Internet of things and big data. Especially in the future, blockchain technology will gradually land in the real economy and truly create value. At present, China's blockchain industry is also developing rapidly. By the end of March 2018, the number of blockchain companies with blockchain business as the main business in China has reached 456, and the industry has initially formed a scale. Therefore, in other words, blockchain we media still has a lot of room for survival and development, but we need to take the right path.
        Therefore, this is the value of the blockchain official account being centrally blocked, that is, to resolutely curb the we media that is waving flags and shouting for money, so as to guide the return to rationality and the value of the blockchain itself. (panhelin). Further promote the military civilian integration strategy, strive to improve the country's core competitiveness in emerging fields such as oceans, space, cyberspace, biology, new energy, and comprehensively build an integrated national strategic system and capacity. In the era of digital economy, the improvement of digital literacy and skills of the whole people can build the most extensive, sustainable and powerful micro new kinetic energy for planting new advantages in China's development. The power industry is a basic industry related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, and a key field of energy transformation. The structural transformation of the power industry is an extremely important aspect of green low-carbon development and the realization of the "double carbon" goal.
        The next five years are crucial to boost the high-quality development of small and medium-sized enterprises. The "good", "difficult" and "road" of the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises need to be further sorted out. Enterprises are the new force to promote innovation and creation. We should give more prominence to the dominant position of enterprises. To improve the scientific and technological governance system is to create a good environment for enterprises and universities around the positioning of the two basic subjects of the scientific and technological innovation system. Under the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind, we should uphold equality and respect, abandon opposition to arrogance and prejudice, advocate the spirit and concept of cooperation of science and technology without borders, obstacles and discrimination, jointly seek scientific answers, and jointly promote the sustainable development of human society.
        Adhering to the path of independent innovation with Chinese characteristics is the right choice for China to continuously improve the level of scientific and Technological Development and enhance its comprehensive national strength. As long as all the Chinese people insist on the green mountains and fully activate the potential of the Chinese people, China will be able to "climb to the top" in innovation. The most important thing to strengthen the employment priority policy is to always adhere to the people-oriented development idea. The fiscal, monetary and other macroeconomic policies should give more priority to the employment goal, and dynamically adjust the strength of macroeconomic policies according to the progress of employment goals. Live broadcast e-commerce has broad market prospects and has become a force that cannot be ignored in promoting China's economic and social development.
        Therefore, the current market urgently calls for more perfect institutional norms and positive guidance to create a good environment for the healthy development of live broadcast e-commerce. No matter how the scope is expanded, the core essence of national security discipline remains unchanged. It is a comprehensive and applied discipline based on political science. At present, while expanding the connotation of national security, special attention should be paid to clarifying where its boundary is. In order to ensure the effectiveness of principal-agent and deal with the challenges of system and mechanism, we need to grasp the "bull nose" of mechanism design. Only by doing a good job in the design of power and responsibility distinction and closed-loop supervision can we solve the problem of "agent moral hazard" faced by the principal-agent. In the process of enhancing subjectivity, we should realize more localization, but localization does not mean the construction of closed pure local knowledge, but reflects the universal content based on all the achievements of human civilization and facing the future in the form of nationality and localization.
        In the process of building a national unified market, we should not only maintain the unity of the national market, but also take into account the differences of local development. The key element of balancing the two is to strengthen the basic position of competition policy and administration according to law. At the current stage of development, the constraints of economic growth are mainly on the demand side, so "dividing the cake" to maintain the stability and expansion of consumption is a necessary prerequisite for "making the cake bigger", that is, economic growth. It is difficult to "make the cake bigger" without "dividing the cake better". Correctly defining the relevant market of CNKI will help all sectors of society, including CNKI, scientific research institutions, university teachers and students and even law enforcement agencies, reach more consensus, return to rationality on the basis of consensus, and finally find ways and means to properly solve problems.
        With the rapid development, some elderly groups are like a lone boat in the digital age. To actively promote the elderly groups to integrate into the digital age and enjoy the digital dividend, we need to comprehensively consider the plight of the elderly groups' digital integration, excavate the influence mechanism behind it, and find a way to bridge the gap. Socialist consultative democracy is a unique form of democracy in China, which has completely different characteristics and incomparable advantages from Western-style democracy. Major problems in economic and social development and practical problems involving the vital interests of the masses can be solved through equal consultation. Digital enterprises are the infrastructure construction of the development of digital economy, so enterprises must actively embrace digitalization. In other words, digital transformation is no longer a "choice", but an inevitable choice for enterprises to adapt to the digital economy and seek survival and long-term development.
        How to effectively plan and explore the path is a key issue facing China's economy and society at present, and it is also an important issue for the successive discussion of the "two sessions". Hot topics such as "food", "social security" and "security" all highlight the people-centered development idea. From "true poverty alleviation and support" to "true poverty alleviation and no return to poverty", on the new journey, we need to reduce the vulnerability of poverty relief groups, enhance their development capacity, and constantly improve their living standards through innovative ideas, activating motivation, stabilizing income sources and other ways.
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