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Feng Baolong, CEO of AI sign digital, talks with famous enterprises about blockchain enabled digital intelligence economy

Time : 29/06/2021 Author : crkx8d Click : + -
        The 9th China (Hangzhou) international e-commerce Expo is now scheduled for August 3, 2022 — On the 5th, it was held at Hangzhou International Expo Center. 2022 industrial blockchain digital intelligence Economic Development Forum ". Feng Baolong, CEO of AI sign digital, will be invited to attend this forum to work with many industry giants to provide advice and suggestions for the construction of blockchain enabled digital intelligence economy. E-commerce China · EBEChina—& mdash; The 9th China (Hangzhou) international e-commerce Expo in 2022 was hosted by Hangzhou Municipal People's government and Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, hosted by Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and operated by Hangzhou Convention and Exhibition Group (Xibo Culture).
        Since it was held in 2014, ebechina aims to build a whole industry chain e-commerce ecosystem and provide a platform for display, exchange and trade for all business innovation partners committed to using digital technology to drive industrial interconnection. Blockchain enabled digital trade launched a round table dialogue, and on behalf of the electronic contracting industry, shared the deep integration of electronic contracting digital technology and blockchain technology, and the application practice of enabling digital trade.
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