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What core technologies does blockchain use?

Time : 03/07/2021 Author : 34fiav Click : + -
        Blockchain was born with bitcoin and is the infrastructure of bitcoin. Blockchain can be understood as an Internet-based de system. Decentralized digital systems such as bitcoin require that the consistency of accounting of all honest nodes be ensured without a central node, which requires blockchain to complete. Therefore, the core of the consensus mechanism is to reach a consensus on the legitimacy of transactions among individuals who have no basis of trust without central control. The legitimacy verification of transactions also depends on scripts. At present, it relies on two types of scripts: Lock script and unlock script. Locking script is a condition added to the output transaction, which is implemented by a script language and located at the output of the transaction.
        The unlocking script corresponds to the locking script. Only when the conditions required by the locking script are met can the corresponding assets on this script be spent, which is located in the input of the transaction. Many flexible conditions can be expressed through scripting language. The explanation script is similar to the "virtual machine" in our programming field, which runs distributed at every node in the blockchain network. The priority of blockchain transactions is determined by blockchain rules. For bitcoin, the priority of transactions contained by blocks is determined by the time the transaction is broadcast to the network and the size of the transaction volume. With the increase of the time when the transaction is broadcast to the network, the chain age of the transaction increases, and the priority of the transaction is improved, which will eventually be included by the block.
        For Ethereum, the priority of the transaction is also related to the transaction fee that the publisher of the transaction is willing to pay. The higher the transaction fee that the publisher is willing to pay, the higher the priority that the transaction is included in the block.
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