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Game on blockchain - chain game

Time : 06/11/2021 Author : zdlh6a Click : + -
        Chaingame, literally, is a game on the blockchain, also known as gamefi (gaminganddecentralizedfinance), which is also known as a financial game in China. In chain games, players can not only have the experience of playing games, but also participate in transactions, which was impossible in previous games. There are many kinds of chain games, including cultivation, sandbox, card, racing and almost all other traditional games. Their concept is playtoearn. Almost all chain games have this in common. Playtoearn, in China, can be understood as playing while making money.
        Play games while making money. Chain game is to integrate blockchain technology into traditional games. In traditional games, the game developer is the master. All your roles, props, assets, etc. in the game belong to the developer. No matter how much money, energy, time you invest, these things do not belong to you. Without the game, they are worthless, which is often called centralization. However, unlike chain game, it is decentralized, because it involves blockchain technology, your characters, props, assets, etc., which have unique identity, that is, NFT. All these things belong to your personal assets, and you can freely trade all your personal game assets with various players.
        This is the biggest difference between chain games and traditional games!. However, due to the imperfect exploration of chain game on blockchain, we ordinary people have not been exposed to this field at all (at present, the hype of digital collections is strictly prohibited in China, and chain game is unable to gain a foothold in China.) Now with the continuous development and progress of science and technology, I believe that after Web3.0, chain games will also become mature and face more people.
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