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High beam software ranks first in the "blockchain China Index", leading Chinese listed companies

Time : 29/06/2021 Author : bj8xvy Click : + -
        Recently, realityshares, an asset management company headquartered in San Diego, USA, released the ranking of "realitysharesnasdaq blockchainchinaindex". High beam software [Stock Code: 002063] led 31 carefully selected Chinese blockchain listed companies with an overall score of 3.44%. Realityshares also officially listed and traded an exchange traded fund called "realitysharesnasdaq nexgeneconomiychinaetf" on NASDAQ on June 20, which is the world's first ETF product to track and invest in Chinese blockchain listed companies. The fund will track and invest in "insight NASDAQ blockchain China Index".
        Realityshares, an asset management company, launched the world's first blockchain ETF fund on NASDAQ in January this year. The Chinese blockchain ETF products launched this time will choose Chinese listed companies that actively embrace and use blockchain technology. "Blockchain China Index" uses seven different indicators to measure each enterprise according to a set of evaluation system developed by realityshares, and evaluates whether these listed companies are really applying blockchain technology according to the actual scores of enterprises. These indicators include: the role of the company in the blockchain ecosystem, the stage of the company's blockchain products, economic influence, role in the alliance, R & D expenditure, information disclosure, and innovation level.
        A total of 31 Chinese listed companies were selected for evaluation in this index, and the blockchain China Index was woven, and Gaoguang ranked first. As a leading group resource management information system service provider in China, Guangyuan software has successively set up blockchain technology research laboratory and Guangyuan blockchain Application Division since 2015 to comprehensively promote the layout of blockchain in terms of capital, technology, application and cooperation. In terms of capital, high beam software cooperates with tus holdings to establish a blockchain industry fund with a scale of 200million yuan, which is used to invest in blockchain related projects; In terms of technology, three blockchain invention patents, "blockchain power trading method", "blockchain electronic license" and "cross chain digital asset trading" have been published, and they have won the second prize of the first China blockchain technology innovation and application competition; In terms of application, it has formed a complete solution under application scenarios such as e-government, financial payment, asset and fund management, contract preservation and identity authentication, and launched application products based on blockchain technology such as trusted electronic licenses and authentication genies; In terms of cooperation, it cooperates with ZhongGuanCun blockchain industry alliance, China blockchain alliance, energy blockchain laboratory, Wanxiang blockchain laboratory, etc. to form industrial linkage.
        After three years of deep cultivation, the high beam blockchain technology has made gratifying breakthroughs in the fields of trusted electronic license application, data security sharing, energy Internet, fund management innovation and so on. At present, the two major projects of "Research on data security sharing technology based on blockchain" and "Research on Key Technologies of energy Internet information infrastructure based on blockchain" have been implemented with State Grid Henan electric power company and State Grid Hebei Electric Power Co., Ltd. skill training center, breaking the dilemma of no revenue and difficult revenue of industrial research projects. "In the future, high beam will focus on four industrialization directions to deepen the application research of blockchain Technology: energy interconnection, social interconnection, data storage and group governance.
        ”The general manager of the blockchain Business Department of high beam software once introduced, "especially in the field of energy Internet, technical public relations and application development have been carried out in the fields of energy finance, energy supply chain, power information security and so on.".
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