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Professor Chen Zhong of Peking University: deepen industry university research cooperation and promote blockchain technology transformation

Time : 02/04/2022 Author : 1w7s0i Click : + -
        2022 marks the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China. It is a key year for Beijing to host the Winter Olympics, China to build a space station, and to welcome the victory of the 20th CPC National Congress. It is a fruitful year for the normalization of epidemic prevention and control. It is also a year for accelerating the reform of the scientific and technological system and deepening the implementation of the strategy of strengthening the country with talents in the new era. On April 15, 2022, the "National College AI big data blockchain College (Major) basic profile compilation (2022 Edition)" organized by the National College AI and big data innovation alliance was honorably produced. The compilation is a large 16 folio, 1.5 million words, 1400 pages. It is the first desk reference book in the industry to introduce and interpret the construction and discipline planning of College AI big data blockchain (Major) in Colleges and universities in China.
        The launch of the compilation has alleviated the information asymmetry in the construction of artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain majors among colleges and universities, and enhanced the information communication and experience exchange between teachers. At the same time, the compilation contains the messages of 85 expert editorial board members, which are now publicly released for the benefit of netizens. The performance of blockchain system is affected by the underlying communication network, blockchain architecture, consensus algorithm and distributed applications. The emergence of blockchain makes the value interconnection between data become a major trend, and the fundamental innovation of blockchain is through the distributed and multiple participation accounting system, that is, in the future, the recording, trading and use of data will be completed in the new ledger system.
        This makes it possible for many parties to participate, cooperate and record history. Meet the security challenges and opportunities in the era of digital economy. At present, the rules, trust and value of cyberspace are being reconstructed. Digitalization, networking and intelligence will become the new normal of social production and life in the future. Computing science promotes the integration of information, physics and social systems, and gradually forms a new discipline of cybernetic science and technology. The new cybernetic integration of "human machine object" will further affect the development of Humanities and Social Sciences, such as sociology, psychology, law and so on. At present, new social service functions such as driverless, smart contracts, artificial organs, companion robots, and digital human cloning will not only bring convenience and enjoyment, but also bring new challenges to legal and social relations. Cyberspace's demand for "human machine object" trust will be more urgent than ever before, and will bring unprecedented challenges and opportunities to the development of the network security industry.
        Deepen industry university research cooperation and promote blockchain technology transformation. The Ministry of education will jointly develop provinces or regions with good foundation and strong application demand, support high-level universities to build blockchain technology innovation research institutes, serve the development and application of regional blockchain technology, and provide scientific and technological support and talent support for the construction of a world-class blockchain technology innovation and application demonstration zone. Colleges and universities are encouraged to strengthen cooperation with advantageous enterprises in the industry, actively implement the "blockchain technology demonstration and application action" by jointly building laboratories, research centers or joint research, and promote the transformation of blockchain technology into enterprise development vitality and real productivity. Beida information technology blockchain research center is supported by Peking University and specifically constructed by the school of information science and technology of Peking University.
        Boya is a leading enterprise in the core technology of blockchain in China. Based on the self-developed regchain basic alliance chain platform and reglang smart contract programming language and other core technologies, the company builds a "regchaininside" technology ecosystem to serve customers and partners, link trust Deliver value and help the healthy development of blockchain applications and industries in China. It is believed that the compilation, led by the national AI and big data innovation alliance of colleges and universities, will bring help and guidance to the construction of AI, big data, blockchain majors and discipline development of colleges and universities in China at this stage.
        Chen Zhong, professor and doctoral supervisor of School of information science and technology, Peking University. Dean of the school of software and microelectronics, Peking University, director of the network and information security laboratory, Peking University, director of the blockchain Research Center, School of information science and technology, Peking University, deputy director of the engineering degree evaluation committee of Peking University, and deputy director of the teaching and learning Steering Committee of computer majors in Colleges and universities of the Ministry of education. Social part-time job: Deputy Director of Information Security Professional Committee of China computer society, executive director of China Software Industry Association, member of Online Securities Commission trading Review Committee of China Securities Regulatory Commission, member of Communication Standardization Committee of the Ministry of public security, director of blockchain special committee of National University artificial intelligence and big data innovation alliance, science of China, computer research and development, network security technology and application Member of the editorial board of "software world" and scientific and technological consultant of Qinghai Province.
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