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What about we media, blockchain and new retail in 2018?

Time : 23/02/2022 Author : bzgvjx Click : + -
        At the beginning of the new year, although ICO was completely put in the cold, bitcoin was still "shining back" from time to time, and the blockchain seemed to have abandoned the relationship and began to "bully"; But for our Marketers: as long as we remain sensitive at any time, this is not a thing. Don't you see that with the rapid development of the Internet and mobile Internet, "national institutions" have gradually begun to pay attention to the shaping of their brand diversified image; Since the "song of 135" in 2015, the "national institutions" have surprised the people, and this surprise has also reached its peak in 2017. The group chat H5 launched during the 2017 two sessions, to the August 1st military uniform photo H5 on the people's daily client, to the State Council client hip-hop H5, and launched an H5 detailing China's development history during the opening of the 19th National Congress. The news anchor Zhu Guangquan, who is often talked about, and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and CCTV variety show began to occupy station B &hellip& hellip;。
        When "national institutions" begin to tear off their high-profile and low-key clothes, start to use social media that the public likes, and use the communication methods and carriers that the public likes to go deep into the people, they are "reborn" in the eyes of native Internet residents with a new attitude. Don't you see that after the rise of new media, grassroots Internet celebrity finally has enough foundation to compete with stars and focus a large number of fans for itself; However, with the fire of new media, not only the decline of traditional media, but also more cognitive biased "Internet mobs" pour into the Internet. It can be said that there has never been an era in human history comparable to today's "" but it is precisely because of this barbaric growth that "" has led to a series of tragedies, which can even affect the U.S. election and brexit.
        I don't know if you still remember the large-scale blocking of Zhuo Wei by Sina and other social media in June last year, and there were several "discussions" in the middle headlines, wechat and so on. After the beginning of the year, we also knew for the first time that "we media advertising should be included in the regulation". The State Administration for Industry and Commerce will monitor 1000 official account this year. In fact, for most we media that "will never emerge", is it that we media advertising is regulated, or does the blockchain, a decentralized Internet Ecosystem, also need central review? It has nothing to do with us. Just for the "panic" we should have, we don't have to scare ourselves; For example, Facebook and the U.S. government have been getting bogged down. Obama even warned Facebook and Google to conduct "self censorship" &hellip& hellip;。
        From this point of view, it is normal for the state machine to extend its tentacles to cyberspace, regulate cyberspace and enrich its "life forms", which is also the Achilles' heel of ICO, the biggest weakness of bitcoin and the ceiling of blockchain at this stage. Before human civilization entered earth socialism, no matter how wild their genes are, they can only be tamed. The "national machine" put on its wings to promote positive energy, and the major we media danced at the tip of the knife in shackles; On the one hand, the "national machine" began to "access the Internet", on the other hand, we media began to "become good"; This will inevitably bring a new network order;.
        Of course, for the state machine, their "inviting the king into the Urn" must have been premeditated for a long time, so that we media will be "caught unprepared" by the "hoop curse" again and again. Of course, whether it is the new media of state institutions or the head supervision of we media, it is a kind of Yang Mou, and 2018 brings us far more changes. Since the launch of Weibo in 2009 and wechat in, it has come from behind to enter the duopoly situation. Until 2017, headlines have found another way to avoid fighting, and everyone still gains the popular artifact of "Tiktok". In addition, Kwai's loser counter attack, a live broadcast of wealth, Yingke's introduction of wolves into the house, and micro vision euthanasia &hellip& hellip; Of course, there are also various social models and user clusters, such as Jianshu, moment, Zhihu, cloud music and instant. The app ecosystem on smartphones seems to have been overdrawn.
        The Beijing Municipal Bureau of press, publication, radio, film and television and the Beijing municipal administrative law enforcement corps of the cultural market recently jointly interviewed six websites, including Sina Weibo, Sina video, Phoenix, secpai, baisnmijie and Shuimu community, and investigated and dealt with the above websites according to law for engaging in Internet audio-visual program services without holding the information network audio-visual program license, and suspected of spreading programs in violation of Article 16 of the provisions on the administration of Internet audio-visual program services, The above six websites were ordered to rectify within a time limit. The reporter of 4A advertising weekly found in the 2018 work points of the advertising supervision and Administration Department of the State Administration for Industry and commerce that the State Administration for Industry and Commerce will effectively monitor our media advertising in 2018.
        The file indicates:. Give full play to the role of the advertising monitoring platform of the General Administration and the national Internet advertising monitoring center, and organize the spot check and monitoring of advertisements in 1000 major media and 1000 major websites above the provincial level. Promote the construction of mobile Internet advertising monitoring capacity, and initially realize the monitoring of 1000 apps and 1000 official account Internet advertising. New media is no longer new, but there is another meaning: in the context of 4G smart phones, the app ecological scene has been completely solidified, which can not give users more "freshness". And before 5g technology is ready to take off, as well as the popularity of artificial intelligence and autonomous driving technology, it seems that we can't see a "social mode" outside the bat technology scene.
        Of course, AR, VR technology and the iteration of new electronic devices, as well as the breakthrough of artificial intelligence interaction and biotechnology, can also bring a lot of imagination, but domestic bat, foreign apple& Facebook& Google's social barriers seem insurmountable. In this situation, we can see that Momo, which has been excluded by wechat and has been unable to enter the mainstream social environment, must be "exciting" by acquisition and exploration, and become the only polar place outside the social networking of acquaintances. Although the 70million users explored can indeed solve the urgent needs of Momo, the live broadcast policy has been tightened, and short videos have been Kwai & Tiktok fell, and Momo, which removed the label of "about gun", really needed a "quick heart-saving pill" made of heavy money.
        In recent years, bat has been enriching its wings and bringing about a "killing", and even Cheng Yaojin's "today's headlines" halfway out also has a dark horse, Tiktok. In addition, more and more "intruders" are trying to use the blunt knife of "blockchain" to change bat's life. They are waving flags and shouting for blockchain, and are surprised that it is "the new generation of Internet". We can predict that with the popularity of Apple's experience stores and Xiaomi's offline physical stores, more and more brands will join this battle of "sharing the spoils by sitting on the ground". This is not, Dyson opened an experience store in Shanghai and Muji opened a hotel in Shenzhen; Pepsi, Kellogg's, chobani, xufuji and other brands have opened offline experience stores, and even Nongfu Shanquan has opened its own offline supermarkets.
        In contrast, various luxury brands covering clothing, shoes, underwear, luggage, including Burberry, hugoboss, Kenzo, laperla, rimowa, etc., trendy brands represented by LVHM group's floating dream, sea blue mystery, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Helena, as well as fashion light luxury brands such as coach, agnesb, stellaluna, have opened official tmall flagship stores. It can be seen that it is no longer a special case for native Internet brands such as apple Xiaomi to move from online to offline, and traditional enterprises (luxury goods) such as Estee Lauder and Lancome to move from offline to online, but everyone's consensus.
        So far, whether they are high-profile luxury goods or high-profile Internet enterprises, they are impatient to join this "Internet wave" and have been online and offline since then; Where there are users, there is home. Having said so much, whether it's products, content or super users, how to integrate online and offline resources, get through the scene restrictions, and link to users more efficiently is the top priority of enterprises in the future. What we need to do is to remain sensitive to the market environment, find the user scenarios that match the enterprise, find the user's consumption context, and bring the most suitable products to the most suitable users. Return to Sohu to see more.
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