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Tsinghua University United chain tower think tank will release the 2018 white paper on blockchain technology application in December

Time : 20/02/2022 Author : ze7ady Click : + -
        Recently, it was reported that the white paper 2018 on blockchain technology application, initiated by the Institute of Internet industry of Tsinghua University and co edited by linktower think tank, is scheduled to be officially released on December 12. Zhu Yan, Dean of the Internet Industry Research Institute of Tsinghua University, said, "at present, Tsinghua University also attaches great importance to blockchain technology, and there have been many discussions, but many theories are still in the process of formation, and the specific practice is also being explored, and there is no final conclusion yet.". It is reported that in the preparation of this report, the linktower analyst team undertook most of the planning and writing work. More than 70% of the data points in the report use the data of the linktower data platform.
        The pursuit of blockchain technology remains high, and its application and development industry is extensive. It is placed on a sharp weapon to solve "trust, cost, security threats" and other difficulties that hinder the development of the industry. Under the background that many parties favor the continuous implementation of technology, the blockchain field is expected to usher in the first departmental regulation level legislation. In the new era of financial technology development, major exchanges around the world are actively exploring the application of financial technology to improve systems and services. How to integrate emerging technologies such as blockchain into the "investment, trading, clearing and settlement fields" has become a current proposition. On October 18, the chief China economist office and Innovation Laboratory of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange released the report on the application and regulatory framework of financial technology (hereinafter referred to as the "framework").
        The framework believes that artificial intelligence technologies such as blockchain technology and intelligent investment advisers are most likely to be applied at the exchange level. At the same time, it also outlines the use cases of blockchain technology in trading, settlement and stock market. In the financial field, in addition to the application scenarios of exchanges, banking and other financial institutions in the research and development of blockchain technology, it is understood that on October 16, Huang Runzhong, Secretary General of the China Banking Association (hereinafter referred to as the China Banking Association), said at the 2018 annual meeting of the factoring Professional Committee of the China Banking Association that the China Banking Association is working with all parties to build a trade finance inter-bank transaction information interaction system based on blockchain technology, We will strive to provide broader and more effective platforms and channels for banks to carry out factoring and other trade finance businesses.
        In addition, recently, blockchain projects have been included in the investment scope of the 10billion yuan Information Industry Development Fund set up in Henan Province. Blockchain fever has lasted for a long time since it broke out last year, and it doesn't mean to stop. Through data collection, it is found that the global blockchain sector was still popular in the third quarter, with 162 financing transactions totaling 11.4 billion yuan. Among them, China and the United States accounted for 72.8% of the global total, and China received 8.6 billion yuan of investment and financing in the blockchain field. When emerging technologies appear, relevant industries are the most sensitive to them. Similarly, the subversion of emerging technologies to the industry is unimaginable.
        However, due to the excessive pursuit of new things and the rapid development of emerging technologies, the pace of supervision in related industries is bound to lag behind. As we all know, due to the negative impact of virtual currency, blockchain technology is also developing in chaos. On October 19, the state Internet Information Office (hereinafter referred to as the state Internet Information Office) issued the regulations on the management of blockchain information services (Draft for comments) (hereinafter referred to as the regulations) to solicit opinions from the public. It is reported that before the regulation, there were two "other normative documents" closely related to the blockchain field: one was the notice on preventing the risk of bitcoin jointly issued by five ministries and commissions including the central bank in December 2013, and the other was the notice on preventing the financing risk of token issuance jointly issued by seven ministries and commissions including the central bank in September 2017.
        "Neither of the above two documents is a formal source of law. They belong to ‘ other normative documents ’ stipulated in the administrative procedure law. They are effective under the regulations and can be the object of judicial review. While the legal sources of regulations and above cannot be the object of judicial review. The regulations are the first departmental regulation level legislation in the blockchain field and deserve the attention of the industry." A lawyer friend said to. At the same time, many lawyers said that the introduction of the Regulations means the arrival of China's "regulatory era" for blockchain information services. For all industry participants, it is particularly important to carry out technical security, real name certification and other work as soon as possible, check and optimize the platform, and perform higher compliance requirements in future operations, so as to prevent illegal information from spreading and recording on the platform.
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