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Accelerating the layout of cutting-edge industries such as artificial intelligence and blockchain is worth looking forward to 2020! Donggang should do these practical things well

Time : 29/12/2021 Author : jpcmws Click : + -
        Seize the day and work hard, and start again without losing Shaohua. At the "two sessions", the working ideas and plans for 2020 were put forward. Let's see what practical things Donggang District will do this year!. The transformation of new and old kinetic energy is a major project leading high-quality development. In accordance with the requirements of the "eight character policy", we will continue to deepen the structural reform on the supply side, transform and enhance traditional drivers, cultivate and expand new drivers, and strive to build a high-quality modern industrial system. Pay close attention to the investment attraction and operation of key buildings such as KOL Creative Industrial Park, Haiqu scientific innovation center, Luban scientific innovation building, Antai International Plaza, and strive to achieve a further increase of building tax by more than 20%, and attract more than 600 new building enterprises.
        Seize the major industrial outlets of 5g business, actively introduce and cultivate "four new" projects based on big data, cloud computing and the Internet of things, support the construction of digital economy platforms such as Shandong digital energy trading center, and accelerate the layout of cutting-edge emerging industries such as artificial intelligence and district chains. Encourage the creation of characteristic blocks, promote the upgrading and transformation of Dongyi Town, start the development of Hailong Bay area, accelerate the development of night economy, and promote the "double improvement" of industry and consumption. Actively promote the construction of the "City + University" community, revitalize the talent and scientific research resources of colleges and universities, and strive to make the "spark" of the Internet celebrity economy, the Internet economy, and the youth economy form a "prairie fire". Focus on the construction of the central vitality area, accelerate the construction of 26 key projects such as Haiyun Plaza, Ginza dream times shopping center and Renaissance Seaview, ensure that the first phase of the headquarters base and Sheraton industrial are put into operation, the main parts of the Shanghai Hong Kong Center, Jinhui Times Square and other projects are completed, and the construction of Rizhao center is started. We strive to complete the investment of 13billion yuan within this year, add 370000 square meters of building area, and create a number of high-energy development platforms.
        Accelerate the construction of the airport economic development zone, and strive to increase the investment in fixed assets and the output value of Enterprises above Designated Size by more than 20% in terms of system and mechanism, project layout and park supporting facilities. Implement the mode of "Party Working Committee (Management Committee) + company", pay close attention to the construction of key projects such as airport science and technology innovation center, high-end equipment manufacturing industrial park and aviation Town, ensure that all 12 roads of "eight vertical and four horizontal" are completed and opened to traffic, and promote the rapid development of aviation industry. We will start the infrastructure construction of the south area of the steel supporting industrial park and the high-tech cluster area of the new and old kinetic energy conversion demonstration base, accelerate the promotion of "eating steel and chewing iron" projects such as Rizhao Steel Industry Research Institute, software definition satellite technology innovation base, Shandong energy Steel Industrial Park, improve the upstream and downstream supporting service system, lengthen the steel industry chain, and promote the integrated development of steel manufacturing and modern service industry.
        Taking the creation of a national tourism demonstration area as the starting point, seize the opportunity of the era of high-speed rail, earnestly implement the strategy of "enriching the city through tourism", speed up the construction of 20 key tourism projects such as Oriental Sun City and bulaoshan ecological cultural village, and launch the brand of "never forget, or Donggang" tourism products. Actively promote the integration of culture and tourism, accelerate the development of tourism products with Donggang cultural characteristics, and create more than 9 brands of cultural tourism festivals with town characteristics. Taking the opportunity of preparing for the 25th Provincial Games, plan and hold brand events with independent IP, promote the deep integration of sports and tourism, training, exhibition and other industries, and strive to increase the total annual tourism revenue by more than 12%.
        Focus on the advantageous industries and strategic emerging industries in our district, improve the industrial map, investment promotion map and investment policies, establish "small teams" and "sharp knife classes", aim at the target enterprises, target products and target teams, implement professional and accurate recruitment, strive to introduce 30 projects with an investment of more than 50million yuan and more than 5 projects with an investment of more than 1billion yuan within the year, realize the assessed capital of 5.6 billion yuan and the actually utilized foreign capital of 22million US dollars. Establish the concept of "waiter + specialization", establish an engineering and inventory promotion mechanism, give full play to the role of information-based dispatching and command platform, strengthen the whole process tracking service, and realize the precise promotion and closed-loop management of the project.
        We must adhere to the "two unswervingly", conscientiously implement the policies and measures at all levels to support the development of private enterprises, improve the system of district leaders contacting the chamber of Commerce of service enterprises, speed up the construction of "pro" and "clean" new government business relations, and boost the "strength" of enterprises with the "strong service" of the government. Give full play to the role of industry guidance funds, promote the deep integration of Finance and the real economy, reduce the comprehensive financing costs of private and small and micro enterprises, and help private enterprises thrive. Carry forward the spirit of entrepreneurship, model worker spirit and craftsmanship, implement 25 policies and measures to support entrepreneurs to start businesses, and let entrepreneurs rest assured of investment, concentrate on business and devote themselves to entrepreneurship. We will continue to implement the strategy of "double upgrading" of the governance structure and industrial structure of small and micro enterprises, and promote the "conversion of individuals to enterprises, small upgrading of regulations, regulatory reform of shares, and listing of shares". During the year, more than 1000 private enterprises were added, more than 4 "specialized and special innovation", "Gazelle" and "invisible champion" backup enterprises, and more than 10 listed enterprises.
        In accordance with the requirements of the "five revitalization", we will carry out the three-year action of rural revitalization, grasp the shortcomings and promote the promotion, and strive to gradually turn the beautiful blueprint of Rural Revitalization into reality, so that agriculture has a future, farmers have hope, and rural areas have prospects. We will thoroughly implement the "five demonstration projects" and strive to build three rural complexes above the municipal level, including Longmen Gu, eight characteristic towns, including taoluo Sun Town, and six modern agricultural industrial parks, including Nanhu Chinese herbal medicine. Build 55000 mu of high-level fields, promote 11000 mu of water and fertilizer integration technology, and the popularization coverage of soil testing and formula fertilization technology reaches more than 90%. Implement the strategy of agricultural standardization, develop a new standardization base of 10000 mu, and launch the brands of Houcun green tea, chentuan blueberry, taoluo celery, West Lake black fungus and other agricultural products.
        Adhere to the overall planning of land and sea, accelerate the construction of "1+4" modern marine industrial system, start the second phase planning and construction of Hongqi modern fishery Park, and newly develop more than 300 hectares of marine pastures. We will solidly carry out the "five green sea actions", resolutely fight to improve the regulation and upgrading of the gold coast, pay attention to the protection, development and utilization of the coastal zone in taoluo Town, and promote the continuous improvement of the marine ecological environment. According to the requirements of "three lives and three beauties", integrate the concept of scenic spots and tourism elements into the construction of beautiful villages, highlight the cultural elements such as fishing villages, fishermen, landscape feelings, and characteristic agriculture, and create 4 provincial-level demonstration villages and 50 municipal-level demonstration belts, focusing on creating beautiful rural demonstration belts. Focusing on the short-term problems that the masses are looking forward to solving, we will spare no effort to promote the two "three-year action plans" for the centralized tackling of rural roads and the improvement of the living environment, vigorously promote the rural "seven reforms" project, build and reconstruct 70 kilometers of rural roads and 96 public toilets, treat the domestic sewage of 145 villages, and complete the task of "connecting households" in 87 villages, so as to make rural drinking water safer, the environment cleaner, and travel more convenient.
        We will solidly promote the quality improvement of farmers' cooperatives across the country, promote pilot projects throughout the county, innovate operating mechanisms and business models, and explore new models for the high-quality development of farmers' cooperatives. In accordance with the requirements of "unchanged policies, no reduction in investment, no reduction in strength, and no withdrawal of the team", consolidate and improve the achievements of poverty eradication, promote the effective connection between poverty eradication and rural revitalization, and timely do a good job in helping the returning population and the newly emerging poverty population, so as to ensure the smooth passing of the national acceptance. Take reform and innovation as the "key move" to promote high-quality development, eliminate the shortcomings of systems and mechanisms with the determination of breaking the wrist, continue to improve the level of reform, innovation and opening up, and fully stimulate market vitality and social creativity.
        We should innovate and improve the regulation of "double random and one open", promote "Internet + regulation" and credit regulation, carry out the evaluation reform of "yield per mu", deepen the guarantee mechanism of "factors follow the project", and promote the unification of "promising government" and "effective market". We will do a solid job in the disposal of non-performing loans of rural commercial banks, orderly resolve the risks of implicit government debt, severely crack down on financial fraud, malicious debt evasion, illegal fund-raising and other illegal acts, and continue to optimize the financial ecosystem. Accelerate the construction of national innovative cities, take scientific and technological innovation as the guide, and actively build an innovation and entrepreneurship community with "government, industry, University, research and financial services" as the main body. Support enterprises to carry out extensive independent innovation and industry university research cooperation. Five new high-tech enterprises have been identified, and the proportion of R & D investment in GDP has increased steadily.
        Implement the industrial innovation project, start the establishment of the national agricultural science and Technology Park, and focus on the "machine replacement" and "two industrialization" integration projects of bit intelligent technology welding robot and Zhongsheng forging automation production line. We will strengthen strategic cooperation with cities along the wazira railway, actively connect with Qingdao, link with southern Shandong, deeply integrate into the Jiaodong economic circle, and strive to create a new highland of opening up. City is the city of the people. We must adhere to the people-centered principle, comprehensively enhance the carrying capacity of cities and towns, improve the quality of urban and rural areas, and strive to build a quality city that is exquisite, livable and suitable for business. Taking the three-year action to improve the quality of the city as the starting point, we will actively promote the "integration of multiple regulations", and draw a "blueprint" for urban and rural planning, full coverage, and factor superposition.
        Eight key urban construction projects with a total investment of 2.73 billion yuan were implemented, 39 urban roads such as Mingyang road were newly built, and rain and sewage diversion was implemented for 6 roads and 110 residential areas. We will steadily promote the transformation of urban villages, accelerate the construction of 23 resettlement areas, and ensure that more than 10000 resettlement houses in 8 resettlement areas, including xiaoxiangdian and Lijiazhuang, are delivered for use. Pay attention to the development of the south area of the district government square, creatively build landmark and functional projects such as Haiqu square, cultural park, books and Archives Center, and strive to improve the image of the old urban area and create a "new living room" for citizens. Strengthen the construction of "smart city", speed up the application of artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of things and other new technologies in urban management, and promote public data sharing and build "urban brain" on the basis of government cloud according to the idea of "urban planning and local breakthrough".
        Improve the "1+2+n" model, explore the establishment of urban management standard system, and create more than 2 standardized communities, demonstration grids, and demonstration blocks in each town and street. With the convenience and benefit of the people as the center and the "red property" as the guide, we will promote the integrated development of property management and community services, accelerate the layout of farmers' markets, commercial outlets and community convenience stores, solidly do a good job in garbage classification, the transformation of old residential areas and other work, improve urban functions, implement a fine urban management system, and strive to build a delicate city and a happy Donggang. We will resolutely fight 13 landmark battles, including the defense of the blue sky and the remediation of black and smelly water bodies, and regularly focus on the special remediation of construction dust, "scattered pollution" enterprises, rural domestic sewage, key municipal controlled rivers, and complete the three-year action task of "four reductions and four increases".
        Strictly implement the "four long" system, implement river training projects such as Sandun River and yingzi River, strengthen the constraints of "three lines and one order", effectively protect all kinds of ecological resources, and make the blue sea and blue sky, green water and green mountains become the most beautiful business card of Donggang. People's livelihood is the greatest politics, and "taking the people as the center" is the fundamental principle of all work. We will always put the safety and well-being of the masses in our hearts, hands, and concrete actions, and strive to solve the worries, annoyances, and worries of the masses, so that development has "speed" and "temperature". We will strengthen the special action to eradicate wage arrears, strictly implement the wage payment system for migrant workers, and promote the full coverage of engineering construction projects by the regulatory platform.
        We will thoroughly implement the three-year action plan for preschool education, carry out prevention, control and resolution of large class sizes in primary and secondary schools, start the construction of five schools including Zaozhuang Road Primary School, and build, reconstruct and expand 24 inclusive kindergartens. Three urban community health service centers and 23 health service stations will be newly built and reconstructed, and the standardized construction of village clinics will continue to be guided and improved to make it easier for people to see a doctor. We will promote a healthy lifestyle for all and the special action of "three reductions and four health care", vigorously develop sports and mass sports activities, and comprehensively improve residents' health literacy. We will do a solid job in the pilot work of civilized practice in the new era across the province, carry out special governance of township comprehensive cultural stations and grass-roots comprehensive cultural service centers, promote the sharing of rural cultural resources, and enrich the cultural life of the masses.
        We will carry out a special campaign to eradicate the underworld and evil, adhere to the "two combinations", so that the underworld and evil forces have no place to stand, so that the masses can live and work in peace and contentment and protect the economy. We will solidly carry out the centralized rectification of work safety, pay close attention to the supervision of key areas such as campus buses, food and drugs, road traffic, construction sites, fire prevention and flood control, marine fisheries, dangerous chemicals, and resolutely hold the bottom line of avoiding major and major safety accidents, and spare no effort to maintain social harmony and stability.
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