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Academician Chen Chun: see the technical difficulties, application prospects and regulatory requirements of blockchain

Time : 10/10/2021 Author : lz2b7f Click : + -
        To promote the innovation and development of blockchain, there are many problems worthy of attention in its technical research, industrial application and regulatory services. We should take blockchain as an important breakthrough in independent innovation of core technology. What are the difficulties that blockchain technology needs to break through at present? We want to play the role of blockchain enabling industrial upgrading, so where is the most important application scenario? We need to strengthen the guidance and standardization of blockchain technology, so what are the challenges and Countermeasures of current blockchain regulation?. Focusing on these issues, the reporter interviewed Chen Chun, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and director of the blockchain research center of Zhejiang University, at Zhejiang University on October 31.
        On October 24, academician Chen Chun made a report on blockchain at the 18th collective learning meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, and discussed his opinions and suggestions. Chen Chun believes that in terms of technology research, we should strive for the initiative of blockchain technology development, vigorously develop domestic independent and controllable blockchain technology platforms, accelerate the construction of underlying platforms, business applications and other relevant standard systems, and actively participate in international competition. Alliance chain is an important trend and research hotspot of blockchain development in China. It is of great practical significance to promote the deep reading and integration of blockchain and real economy, apply "blockchain +" to the field of people's livelihood, and develop alliance chains. Chen Chun believes that there are currently four core technologies in the alliance chain that need to be broken through.
        First, high-performance key technologies. In the case of large-scale applications or large amounts of data, the performance of blockchain will decline sharply. At present, the public chain can only process the data of dozens of nodes per second, but the domestic leading alliance chain technology can process tens of thousands of nodes per second. During the peak period of "double 11", Alibaba cloud has to process more than 300000 order requests per second. Therefore, high performance is an urgent problem for blockchain. Chen Chun said that in order to support large-scale networking of various network structures, it is necessary to achieve technological breakthroughs such as high-performance consensus algorithms, efficient smart contract engines, and new consensus mechanisms. The second is the key technology of security and privacy. We should fully support our encryption algorithms and standards.
        Business applications need the platform to support the privacy protection of business data, so that transactions can be verified but invisible. It also includes node key management and data encryption storage to prevent files from being tampered with. The third is the key technology of high availability. For example, the admission mechanism of dynamic members and the rapid recovery mechanism after node failure cannot stop the whole system to add nodes, but should be real-time and dynamic. It also includes the autonomous management mechanism of the alliance and the efficient hot standby switching mechanism. Fourth, the key technology of high scalability. To apply the alliance chain to more scenarios, it must support the use of multiple programming languages, support trusted data storage of multiple types and organizational forms, and support cross chain collaboration.
        Chen Chun also proposed that if blockchain is to serve all walks of life, that is, to realize "blockchain +" and to be applied on a large scale, it should also solve the problem of data collaboration on and off the chain, that is, how to realize the relevance and consistency of blockchain and all traditional trusted information system data. "Blockchain has been developed for only 10 years since its birth in 2009. Blockchain technology is only the beginning, and many aspects are far from mature. There is still a long way to go in the future." Chen Chun said. Speaking of the industrial application of blockchain, Chen Chun first proposed that China and the West have experienced two different paths. In the west, blockchain originated from the financial innovation of bitcoin, and its subsequent penetration into other industries is basically driven by financial innovation.
        In China, the energy efficiency of blockchain in all walks of life was very significant at the beginning, and it did not rely on the drive of the financial industry. "We can see that since this year, the alliance chain has been applied in many fields in China, such as finance, people's livelihood, government affairs, industrial manufacturing and so on. Some places have begun to explore how blockchain can provide support for digital economy model innovation, create a high-quality business environment, and speed up the continuous transformation of old and new drivers." Chen Chun said. Chen Chun introduced several cases of current blockchain applications. For example, the housing provident fund data of 491 cities across the country are connected through blockchain technology, which greatly facilitates the needs of people to handle provident fund business in the context of frequent talent flow.
        For another example, some banks use blockchain technology to improve credit business, and digital vouchers such as orders and receivables of enterprises can also be used as loan collateral. The operation efficiency of online business is% compared with the line, which also significantly reduces the cost. "Zhejiang will carry out the reform of ‘ running once at most ’ to make people run less and data run more. Blockchain technology can make data do not run and will bring more convenient government services." Chen Chun said that to realize large-scale fund data sharing across cities, if there is no blockchain technology, it may be necessary to establish a department for centralized data management and build a physical space for centralized data storage; Blockchain technology allows data to stay in various cities and synchronize to the corresponding nodes only through smart contracts.
        "We should fully understand the core value of blockchain technology, actively explore and expand the implementation of technology, focus on analyzing the business pain points that blockchain technology can solve and its applicability in different scenarios, jointly build a more perfect industrial application ecosystem, and strive to make blockchain a new driving force for the development of digital economy and an important supporting technology for the social credit system." Chen Chun said. "Without a good supervision, it's like without a traffic policeman or traffic lights on the road." Chen Chun said that some people may instinctively feel that it is best not to have the police and traffic lights, and the car can drive faster. In fact, it is difficult to walk on the road without supervision.
        Chen Chun said that the public chain has become a new media because of its distributed, tamper proof, undeleted and low-cost characteristics, which may be used to disseminate harmful information, bringing great regulatory challenges. "Any good technology or tool needs to be used correctly to maximize its value. Blockchain technology puts forward higher requirements for regulation." Chen Chun said. Chen Chun said that as an important underlying infrastructure, blockchain should attach great importance to security issues in the process of its rapid development. We should strengthen the security evaluation of blockchain platforms and applications, improve the compliance and standardization of blockchain technology and applications, assist in the establishment and improvement of blockchain supervision system, strengthen the construction of blockchain supervision capacity, jointly explore new modes of blockchain supervision, realize the upgrading and efficiency of supervision technology, reduce supervision costs, ensure the parallel development of industry and supervision, and create an environment for the healthy development of blockchain technology.
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