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Wechat bank released the "goodness" of blockchain and proposed a reference framework for blockchain optimization of social governance

Time : 08/08/2021 Author : 8ixctj Click : + -
        On September 17, 2019, the fifth blockchain global summit with the theme of "blockchain new economy: a new decade · a new starting point" was held in Shanghai, and mazhitao, vice president and CIO of Weibo, was invited to deliver a speech. At the main forum of the summit, Weibo officially released the "goodness" reference framework for blockchain optimization social governance model, proposing a new development path for the development of the blockchain industry. Ma Zhitao said at the main forum: "with the maturity of technology and the continuous emergence of applications, the blockchain that has experienced ten years of development is ushering in a new development opportunity. Weibo bank released ‘ Shandu ’ in the hope of providing a new path and direction for the development of blockchain in the next decade.
        ”。 It is understood that the fifth blockchain global summit systematically reviewed the development of blockchain in the past decade, and invited industry leaders, experts, scholars and enterprise representatives to discuss the development direction of blockchain in the next decade. As a representative of the invited enterprises, Ma Zhitao proposed the concept of "public alliance chain" at the fourth blockchain global summit in 2018, pointing out the direction of alliance chain serving the public. At the summit, Ma Zhitao said: "blockchain has experienced a decade of development, and has gone through the stage of concept birth and popularization and technological leapfrog development. At present, blockchain has been applied in various industries. Blockchain technology should better serve the digital society and play a greater social value.
        ”。 At the summit, Ma Zhitao released the blockchain optimization social governance reference framework "goodness", which is composed of three parts: measurement scale, incentive compatibility and compliance governance. It is a social governance framework that aims at good deeds and realizes the measurement, incentive, tracking and supervision mechanism. In terms of measurement scale, "Shandu" obtains the benevolence data authorized by users with the help of 5g, IOT, biometric and other smart city infrastructure, and submits it to the vehicle management office, Transportation Bureau and other urban management agencies for measurement. At the same time, each user has a bound benevolence account, which can be used to record and accumulate benevolence, and the corresponding incentives can be obtained according to the accumulation. In terms of incentive mechanism, the participants of the governance framework are divided into seven roles: Shandu issuer, Shandu distributor, Shandu sponsor, Shandu exchange platform, clearing and settlement service provider, Shandu supervisor and Shandu end user, so as to ensure the efficient operation of all links and achieve win-win results for all parties.
        In terms of compliance governance, "Shandu" takes into account the balance between innovation and risk. First, users voluntarily authorize their participation to ensure that data security is not abused in the mechanism, and that the circulation range is controllable and cannot be realized. At the same time, "Shandu" also reserves a regulatory interface, which is separated by segments according to roles, with minimum authorization. Ma Zhitao also introduced an example of "Shandu" in the low-carbon travel scenario. When the Environmental Protection Bureau, the transportation administration bureau and other departments implement the "Shandu" mode, each transportation travel platform can provide an entrance for exchanging green points, and end users can accumulate green points on the entrance platform and exchange rewards on the environmental protection trading platform. Of course, the whole system is supervised by the regulatory authorities, and insurance companies and charitable organizations provide funds or products and services as green travel incentives, forming a complete closed loop.
        At the summit, Ma Zhitao introduced that "Shandu", as a social governance model, has some similarities and differences with foreign digital currencies such as Libra. He mentioned: "Libra's Alliance Association Governance and public service-oriented architecture also show the embryonic characteristics of ‘ public alliance chain ’. However, Libra's settlement and circulation are dependent on a stable currency. On the one hand, it is too dependent on Facebook and other initiating enterprises to achieve loose coupling, and on the other hand, it will bring greater tests to the existing financial regulatory system.". In fact, wechat blockchain has been exploring the application of blockchain technology in the public domain.
        In May 2016, wechat bank, together with more than 20 institutions, initiated the establishment of the financial blockchain cooperation alliance (Shenzhen) (hereinafter referred to as gold chain alliance); In July 2017, enterprises such as Wanxiang blockchain opened the enterprise level alliance chain underlying platform bcos (becredible, open& secure), and in December 2017, they also opened the financial level alliance chain underlying platform fiscobcos with a number of institutions in the gold chain alliance; In September, 2018, Weibo bank proposed the direction of "public alliance chain" at the Wanxiang blockchain summit, further elaborating the direction of blockchain serving the public; In addition, from 2018 to 2019, wechat will gradually open source a series of technologies such as fedai federal learning system, weidentity distributed identity management based on blockchain, weevent distributed event driven management, and webase blockchain middleware.
        On the basis of fiscobcos platform, Weibo and its partners work together to explore the application scenarios of blockchain industry. For example, the "people's copyright" platform launched by, the certificate electronic project for smart city construction launched by Macao science and technology development fund, and the smart community construction project launched by Tencent Haina, all of which provide services for the public sector. "The development of the blockchain industry cannot be separated from the implementation of applications. We hope to work with partners in various industries to promote the application of blockchain in optimizing social governance and contribute to the construction of a digital society." Ma Zhitao called on the industry to work together to promote the application of blockchain in optimizing social governance scenarios.
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