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The underlying system of xiong'an blockchain was released, and the cross chain interoperability system of quchain technology enabled the smart city

Time : 12/05/2022 Author : 9jpc0l Click : + -
        At present, blockchain technology has entered a stage of rapid development. All walks of life have begun to explore the applicability of blockchain technology and how to use blockchain technology to empower many industries. In terms of blockchain application, xiong'an new area has been trying first. Recently, the "smart xiong'an, the future on the chain" &mdash, sponsored by the xiong'an New Area Smart City Innovation Association& mdash; 2020 xiong'an · Blockchain forum and xiong'an blockchain underlying system (1.0) conference were successfully held. At the forum, Dr. Li Wei, CEO of quchain technology, was invited to deliver a wonderful speech on blockchain and urban governance.
        How can blockchain enable smart city construction? With the title of "blockchain empowering smart city construction", Li Wei of Qulian technology introduced the role of blockchain in improving the quality and efficiency of smart city construction in simple terms. He said: "as an emerging technology, blockchain has great potential in many fields of new smart cities. It is providing a lower cost and more efficient solution for the trusted circulation of urban data. The new smart city application pilot based on blockchain technology is being tested, and blockchain technology can make a great contribution to the construction of smart cities". As a national new area, xiong'an new area has a good experimental and testing environment for blockchain technology due to its nascent nature and inclusiveness.
        From the construction of smart cities to all aspects of people's lives, blockchain technology has also achieved more exploration and landing on this land. In recent years, in order to better empower the new smart city, Qu chain technology has been actively participating in the construction of blockchain technology infrastructure in xiong'an new area, and has achieved remarkable results. At this forum, the first domestic urban blockchain underlying operating system &mdash& mdash; Xiong'an blockchain underlying system (1.0) was officially released, which means that the first urban blockchain underlying operating system in China has been developed and put into use. The system adopts independent intellectual property rights to build a new blockchain infrastructure of "core chain + application chain" multi-layer chain network integration, and has achieved innovative breakthroughs in throughput, cross chain collaboration, trusted data exchange, security and other pain points, and has reached the international leading level.
        Among them, Qu chain technology led the construction of a cross chain interoperability system that supports heterogeneous multi chains, and accelerated the construction of a value Internet system that connects horizontally and vertically and covers xiong'an new area. As a practitioner of the trusted blockchain of smart city, quchain technology will continue to explore the underlying technical services of blockchain, unlock more blockchain applications, provide strong technical support for the smart city of xiong'an new area, and create a new era of smart city construction.
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