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Blockchain + cold chain food safety Hangzhou chain technology

Time : 19/05/2022 Author : si9pby Click : + -
        Under the epidemic, there are many cases of positive detection of covid-19 in cold chain frozen products in China. Cold chain food safety is still at the forefront. Blockchain + cold chain may be an urgent solution. On December 10, Hubei launched the "e Leng chain" and tried to use ant chain blockchain and other technologies to complete the whole process of food traceability, so as to prevent the potential risk of overseas novel coronavirus entry from the source. On the morning of December 10, hundreds of thousands of imported cold chain foods arrived in Wuhan. Before entering Wuhan, the nucleic acid test certificate, customs inspection and quarantine certificate, disinfection and sterilization certificate and other safety information of these foods are successively entered into the "e Leng chain" platform for coding, and then the QR code is pasted on the outer package before normal warehousing.
        Therefore, every Thai black tiger shrimp and Japanese salmon that come to Wuhan have a blockchain ID card. Where they came from, where they came from, and who they came into contact with, will be recorded on the "Hubei cold chain" platform. When buying imported cold chain food, consumers should recognize the QR code of "e cold chain" and scan it with their mobile phones to see the circulation information of the imported cold chain food. "Hubei cold chain" is a cold chain food traceability system developed and launched by Hubei Province Based on ant chain and Alibaba cloud. Based on the cold chain food traceability source code, it realizes "the first station assigns a code, one code to the end, the source can be checked, and the destination can be traced". At the same time, the platform also realizes the docking with Hubei health code, realizes the whole chain traceability of goods, warehouses, vehicles and people, and improves the efficiency of epidemic prevention.
        Can we ensure that these complex transnational food supply chain data are not tampered with? E Leng chain uses ant chain technology to ensure that changes in data in any link will leave traces, and technically breaks through the disadvantages of the traditional traceability and anti-counterfeiting system, such as opaque information, easy data tampering, poor security and so on. Not only Hubei, but also Zhejiang, Henan and other places have launched the cold chain traceability system before, and ant chain is providing technical solutions to relevant departments in many places. At present, ant chain has achieved large-scale application in more than 50 scenarios, such as warehousing and logistics, electronic licenses, electronic bills, etc. When farmers, certification agencies, food processing enterprises, sales enterprises, logistics warehousing and other enterprises join the blockchain, using the characteristics of the blockchain, such as tamperability, data consistency, traceability and so on, we can effectively build an alliance chain of government regulators, business entities, third-party regulators and so on, so as to realize the whole process sharing of food related product information, Solve the problem of multi participant trust in the food traceability system.
        Since the blockchain system can keep tamper proof records of the generation, transaction, circulation, calculation, analysis, application and other processes of data, the authenticity of data will also be guaranteed. In addition, using Internet of things records and blockchain encryption technology, the "green resume" from food production to sales is presented to consumers. Anyone can easily trace the information of food in their hands on the chain, which easily solves the problem of consumer trust. Hangzhou chain technology is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on chain reform, which matches industry application scenarios based on blockchain technology for global customers and activates the real economy. As the official designated brand operator of ant chain of ant group, the seven self-developed solutions make use of the characteristics of blockchain decentralization, traceability, smart contracts and so on to accelerate the empowerment of global traditional enterprises.
        With the help of the blockchain + traceability scheme secondary developed on ant chain, the food manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, consumers and other links in the industry are connected in a complex structural system. All foods in the supply chain are blockchain coded, and each food is determined to correspond to its blockchain identification code one by one. In addition, tamper proof records are made in all links of the food supply chain, effectively reducing the cost of trust, Ensure food safety. As the leader of blockchain enabled real economy, chain technology has served thousands of customers in more than ten industries including government, finance, energy, agriculture, medical treatment, education, real estate and FMCG since its establishment.
        In the future, a blockchain Research Institute will be established to focus on the in-depth research of blockchain applications in the real industry and inject more energy into the development of science and technology.
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