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Time : 06/12/2021 Author : mfv9ex Click : + -
        Recently, the local "two sessions" have been held successively to review the draft of the "14th five year plan" in various regions, and digital currency has become a hot word. Experts suggested that during the "14th five year plan" period, we should expand the pilot scope of digital RMB, vigorously develop the digital economy, and further stimulate the vitality of market players. Using blockchain technology to solve the pain point of electronic manuscript supervision of investment banks, six companies including galaxy and GF became the first batch of node securities companies on the chain Abstract: China Securities Association released its first application in the "China Securities chain" &mdash& mdash; The supervision system of electronic manuscript of investment banking business promotes the standardization of submission of electronic manuscript of investment banking business, and performs the self-discipline management responsibility of the association. Our survey: is the state-owned financial public chain of central enterprises reliable? "What they do has nothing to do with blockchain. The main chain and side chain announced in the promotion are both scripts.
        ”。 After the "pseudo blue ocean" of blockchain talents, the high salary "blue ocean" of blockchain talents shows its original shape when the industry cools down, and job seekers and recruiters are gradually returning to rationality. Eliminated! In the bitcoin mine where the "seal" was affixed, there were rows of iron frames several meters high. When the machine started, the green light beat from time to time, just like the eyes of a wolf.
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