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The report "Chinese government industry blockchain software market share 2021" was released, and Tencent cloud blockchain accelerated the digital upgrading of the government

Time : 19/07/2021 Author : 4mej59 Click : + -
        It was learned today that according to the report "China's government sector blockchain software market share, 2021" released by IDC, Tencent cloud ranked first in the government sector blockchain software market share in 2021, providing a strong support for improving government governance efficiency and government service experience. IDC report shows that in 2021, the blockchain software market of Chinese government industry expanded rapidly at a growth rate of 183.5%, achieving a market size of $163million. This shows that under the guidance of the 14th five year plan, policies such as the industrial blockchain and application development plan have been continuously implemented. As a development industry strongly driven by policies, the blockchain software market of Chinese government industry is growing strongly.
        Moreover, the innovative application of blockchain has gradually become an important means to solve the painful and difficult problems such as the fragmentation of government data resources, the uneven development of government affairs, and the lack of mutual trust foundation for government collaboration, which provides an important security and trust guarantee for the construction of digital government. As the first manufacturer to deploy blockchain technology, Tencent cloud has built a full stack of blockchain product capabilities from the bottom engine to the upper application. In the report "China blockchain baas market share, 2021" recently released by IDC, Tencent cloud blockchain market share ranked top 2, constantly providing new solutions to the problems of digital government construction. Among them, in order to improve the satisfaction of the government, enterprises and the public, Tencent cloud launched the blockchain government industry solution of "one main chain, two unification and three construction" based on the domestic independent, safe and controllable Chang'an chain.
        Based on this solution, on the one hand, government agencies can reduce the cost of repeated construction of multiple blockchain networks in the region through the unified construction of the main chain, so that data can be efficiently interconnected, which not only prevents the emergence of new blockchain data islands, but also further realizes cost reduction and efficiency increase; On the other hand, the unified blockchain platform also reduces the complexity and threshold of using blockchain by various departments, provides convenience for different departments to carry out the docking of various sub scenario businesses, promotes the cross agency, cross department and cross level business cooperation of the government, and establishes a more healthy and efficient trusted system. It is understood that at present, Tencent cloud blockchain has helped Guangdong, Hainan, Beijing, Chongqing, Fuzhou, Qingdao and other provinces and cities to launch the application of blockchain financial electronic bills, and has created a number of benchmark projects such as Guangzhou "suizhiguan", Shenzhen Longhua District, Fuzhou Changle District, Beijing computing platform, Shenzhen housing and Construction Bureau.
        Taking Guangzhou's "Guangzhou smart management" urban operation blockchain management platform as an example, focusing on the "one network" of government services, Guangzhou has deepened the reform of "release management services". With the help of Tencent cloud blockchain capabilities, Guangzhou has created a cross system, cross business, cross department data sharing, trusted authentication, electronic certificates and other standardized underlying service systems. As of last August, the platform has built 20 nodes, realized 16 application scenarios, linked more than 8 million electronic licenses, and processed 15 million transactions on the chain. The business network covers the city's main commissions and offices and public resource trading centers, truly realizing "less filling, less reporting, less running, and faster handling". Nowadays, the blockchain software market in the government industry is developing rapidly. The guiding opinions of the State Council on strengthening the construction of digital government emphasize that "continue to optimize the functions of the national integrated government service platform, comprehensively improve the digitalization and intelligence level of public services, and constantly meet the multi-level and diversified service needs of enterprises and the masses".
        The introduction of favorable policies for major industries in 2022 has provided strong support for the development of blockchain. Facing new development opportunities, how to use blockchain technology to release data value and improve business collaboration and digital government service capabilities has also become an important proposition that the government industry needs to deepen.
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