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The blockchain Technology Industrial Park shows the image of new infrastructure of digital economy

Time : 23/04/2022 Author : giy6zt Click : + -
        With the advent of midsummer, Hangzhou officially entered the high-temperature "steamer" mode, with the temperature approaching 40 ℃. The front-line builders are not afraid to "bake" the test and stick to their posts. Dr. Zhang Shuai and his party went to the site of the industrial production base of Qu chain technology blockchain technology, paid a special visit to the front-line staff in the high temperature environment, sent heatstroke prevention items for them, and thanked them for their hard work and persistence. Located in the Internet of things Industrial Park in Binjiang District, Hangzhou, the Qu chain technology blockchain technology industrialization production base project is composed of two main buildings and an auxiliary podium connecting building. The 1 # building has 15 floors above the ground and 2 floors underground, the 2 # building has 19 floors above the ground and 1 floor underground, and the podium has 4 floors above the ground; The total land area of the project is 30.
        5 mu, with a total construction area of 81854m, of which the aboveground construction area is 57016m, the underground construction area is 24838m, and the building height is 1 × 71. 35 meters, 2 × 80 meters, the total investment of the project is 7. 9.8 billion yuan, a provincial and municipal key project. The blockchain technology industrialization production base project of Qulian technology has been completed in March 2022 and passed the structural acceptance. It is planned to be put into use in September 2024. The functions of the project cover R & D, office, training, business, exhibition hall, living supporting facilities, etc. after it is fully put into operation, it can carry tens of thousands of people to carry out blockchain business. It is a world leader in both area and function. It comprehensively helps the construction of Binjiang "the strongest area of digital economy" and Hangzhou "the first city of digital economy" and even "digital Zhejiang", and provides an indispensable core drive for the development of blockchain industry in the country.
        During the visit, Dr. Li Wei listened carefully to the introduction of the project overview, planning and arrangement, and asked in detail the difficulties and problems encountered in the project construction. Dr. Li Wei also stressed that it is necessary to ensure the physical health and construction safety of front-line construction builders, strengthen security, and ensure that epidemic prevention and heatstroke prevention and safe production are not wrong. Pay attention to scientific rotation, optimize time arrangement, avoid high-temperature sunshine exposure and fatigue work, fundamentally avoid heatstroke, and strive to create a good working environment. The blockchain technology industrialization production base of Qulian technology is an important window to show the achievements of domestic independent and controllable blockchain in the future. It is necessary to scientifically organize construction arrangements, strengthen safety production management, create high-quality model projects, and strive to show the image of new infrastructure of digital economy.
        The project will also further promote the sustainable development of Qulian technology, which is an important measure for Qulian technology to implement the development strategy of blockchain core technology. As a blockchain Unicorn enterprise, in the future, quchain technology will continue to increase investment in the blockchain field, constantly improve products and solutions, give play to the synergy of technology and industry, enhance the competitiveness of core technology innovation, and promote the sustainable development of the digital economy. With the advent of midsummer, Hangzhou officially entered the high-temperature steamer mode, with the temperature approaching 40 ℃. The front-line builders are not afraid of baking and stick to their posts. Recently, qulianke. Recently, the launching ceremony of China brand excellence Development Forum and Qingdao brand day was held at Qingdao International Convention Center.
        A new generation of Qingdao Jinhua real estate intelligence appeared. A motor vehicle driver with a motor vehicle driver's license can learn how to reduce points on traffic control 12123, and directly apply for a reduction of points at the business entrance, up to 6 points, only. Nowadays, knee joint problems have entered the lives of young people, and more and more young people begin to suffer from synovitis and knee effusion, so young people. On July 31, Hangzhou cixiaotang Technology Co., Ltd. united with the queshanling village committee in louta town to hold a meeting in cixiaotang Kangyang village to love China and raise the prestige of our army. Building A2 of the teaching complex building of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) phase II project was capped. On August 1, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) was constructed by the construction and development company of China Construction First Bureau.
        Praise the new era, painting the soul of the army! To celebrate the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese people's Liberation Army, it was hosted by Hezhong group and cool car town on August 1, 2022,. In July 2022, professional mother and baby care brand domiqi held a grand new product launch in Foshan, Guangdong Province. In the witness of guests and the media, duomiqi market. At 8 a.m. on August 1, Ji'an traffic technical school held the first flag raising ceremony to commemorate the August 1 Military day. Headmaster Chen Jieping and executive headmaster Tong Hui lead. As the CEO of new world development, Dr. zhengzhigang witnessed the development and changes of Hong Kong, China, and actively participated in it, launching many projects for the society.
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