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Wu Ping: forestry finance blockchain platform helps Lin Xiasheng generate "wealth"

Time : 04/07/2021 Author : 5br061 Click : + -
        In order to further serve forest farmers and solve the problems of difficult mortgage application, many procedures and asymmetric information, Wuping County explores the use of new blockchain technology to build a forestry financial blockchain service platform integrating application, loan review, evaluation, guarantee, registration and loan, and strives to expand forestry investment and financing channels, so that forest farmers can enjoy preferential loan policies and convenient government services without going out. Recently, fengzhihua, the customer manager of Chengguan credit union of Wuping County Rural Credit Cooperative Association, and his colleagues took the initiative to provide door-to-door service. They came to the customer's home and "hand-in-hand" taught the customer how to apply for credit products on the Wuping County Forestry Finance blockchain financing service platform. The client zhuweixiong is from gardener village, Chengxiang Town, Wuping County. He has contracted more than 20 mu of land to plant osmanthus, camellia, luohansong, jinyumantang and other flowers, and plans to apply for 50000 yuan to upgrade the variety of flowers.
        Zhong Weiqing has been planting passion fruit and raising Xiangdong chicken for several years. Hearing that he can apply for a loan directly on his mobile phone, he quickly contacted the bank customer manager and applied for 200000 yuan to develop the forest economy. "For example, we used to have a lot of trouble in handling loans, and we had to copy a lot of materials. Now we have this blockchain platform. I just need to log in to the platform to apply directly. The bank also provides good service. After seeing the application materials, contact me and provide on-site service to teach me how to operate." Lin Nong zhongweiqing said. The platform mainly adopts the mode of "online submission of demands by forest farmers, matching transactions by the platform, and online signing and lending", which opens up the "two-way choice" channel between forest farmers and financial institutions.
        "Wuping County Forestry Finance blockchain financing service platform is a financial service platform jointly built by the people's Bank of China and Wuping County Forestry Bureau, which mainly solves the problems of difficult loans, difficult guarantees and expensive financing for forest farmers. This platform is a key project of the people's Bank of China's financial technology enabled Rural Revitalization." He Guangping, vice president of the Wuping County branch of the people's Bank of China, said. After its operation, the platform has been favored by financial institutions and the majority of forest farmers. At present, a total of 10 financial institutions have provided 52 forestry loan products in various categories, such as credit, mortgage and guarantee, and 1273 forest farmers have submitted financing applications through the platform, with a total credit line of 198.79 million yuan.
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