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IDC: in 2021, the global blockchain invested $9.7 billion, and JPMorgan Chase released the latest blockchain report, blockchain head

Time : 24/06/2022 Author : act59d Click : + -
        According to the first global semi annual blockchain expenditure report released by International Data Corporation (IDC), the global blockchain solution expenditure is expected to reach US $2.1 billion in 2018, more than twice the US $945 million spent in 2017. IDC predicts that blockchain spending will maintain strong growth from 2016 to 2021, with a five-year compound growth rate (CAGR) of 81.2% in 2021 and a total expenditure of $9.7 billion. In terms of industry, the financial industry will lead the blockchain expenditure in 2018, and the blockchain expenditure of the industry this year will reach $754million. This is mainly due to the rapid adoption of blockchain technology in the banking industry.
        Due to the strong investment in the retail and professional services industries, the blockchain expenditure of the distribution and services sector will reach $510million in 2018; Driven by discrete manufacturing and process manufacturing, blockchain spending in manufacturing and resource industries will reach $448million in 2018. It is reported that in a recent report entitled "unlocking economic advantages with blockchain: a guide for asset managers", JPMorgan Chase released a case of blockchain for traditional business and asset management, including the bank's timetable in blockchain. The report said: "people are increasingly aware that distributed ledger technology will bring fundamental changes to the way we think about financial assets and the way the financial industry operates in the future.
        ”()。 According to cointegraph, bithub, the cryptocurrency exchange of South Korea, has announced plans to provide self-service machines to restaurants and cafes, where customers can pay bills directly in cryptocurrency. The self-service terminal brand called touchb is jointly manufactured by bithumb and self-service terminal manufacturers unospace, trossystems and iyu. The service terminal is mainly launched for small restaurants and cafes. According to coinmarketcap, bithumb ranked fifth in the world in terms of trading volume within 24 hours, with a trading volume of about $732million.
        With regard to the practical application of "plasmacash" technology, buterin believes that cryptocurrency exchanges can use this technology to prevent hacker attacks: the technology-based plasma token system will also store transaction data in smart contracts. No matter what happens to the exchange, users can withdraw their money through the plasma exit program. According to news Bitcoin, a French start-up called qarnot, has released a new domestic heater called "qc-1", which can heat the room at home while mining cryptocurrency. "The heat of qc-1 is generated by two graphics cards embedded in the device. It is generated by mining cryptocurrency or blockchain transactions: when heating the room, you can also make money.
        ”。 According to cointegraph, Chinese cryptocurrency mining giant bitmain may be associated with an American mining company called antcreek. According to the data provided by the business data website companies number, Wu Jihan, the co-founder of bitcontinent, is the only manager of antcreek. According to local media reports, antcreek is building a "blockchain infrastructure hardware facility" in Walla Walla port, Washington. According to patrickreay, the executive director of the port, the cooperation between the port management department and antcreek in the development of blockchain facilities has been going on for six months.
        According to bitcoinist, cyren, an Internet security company, found that 1.4% of all websites (website sample groups) from the entire network run cryptocurrency mining scripts. Just six months ago, the proportion of websites running mining scripts was only 0.12%, a surge of 725%!. These mining scripts usually mine monero, a private virtual currency, because it can be easily embedded into website pages through scripts, and most importantly, it cannot be tracked. According to CCN, according to local news media telesur, Venezuelan President Maduro claimed that the pre-sale of cryptocurrency petrocoins in Venezuela had raised $5billion and obtained 186000 confirmed pre orders.
        Carlosvargas, the country's cryptocurrency authority, revealed that more than 83000 people from 127 countries tried to buy oil cryptocurrencies, including 3523 entrepreneurs.
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