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Shenzhen explores the use of blockchain technology to optimize bankruptcy matters

Time : 02/06/2022 Author : 5dqsp4 Click : + -
        Reporter Yang yangteng reported that in the face of "difficulties" such as many bankruptcy processing links, high procedural costs, and complex creditor's rights relations, the "chain bankruptcy processing linkage cloud platform" jointly developed by the Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission and the Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of taxation was launched recently, taking the lead in exploring the use of blockchain technology to optimize China's bankruptcy processing. It is reported that the new platform takes advantage of the unchangeable, open, transparent and high security characteristics of blockchain technology to manage the whole transaction processing and creditor's rights declaration chain involving government departments in the bankruptcy process, and provide users with queriable, verifiable and traceable information solutions. "Blockchain bankruptcy processing linkage cloud platform" is another government application scenario after blockchain electronic invoice, "I Shenzhen" blockchain electronic license platform and online loan institutions benign exit voting platform.
        The first batch of users were Shenzhen tax bureau and 65 bankruptcy administrators. Next, the platform will be open to more government departments and commercial entities. The experience and achievements of tax authorities in the connection between the government and the court will be extended to civil affairs, finance, finance, municipal supervision, industrial credit, human society, justice and other departments. The "encirclement and interception" of countries' supervision of the bitcoin may be a big move to prevent the domino crash and the outbreak of the financial crisis? On May 19, the cryptocurrency market collapsed, and bitcoin once fell by 30%. Original title: Peking University report: Beijing PM25 has fallen by more than 40% in five years, and has withdrawn from the pollution "double high" group as the key object of pollution control. Beijing's air quality has improved significantly in recent years, compared with 2015, 2020.
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