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Shenzhen launched the country's first blockchain bankruptcy linkage cloud platform

Time : 02/06/2022 Author : kp8u19 Click : + -
        The platform focuses on the three core elements of efficiency, safety and fairness in the business environment, focuses on "efficiency efficiency", "cost reduction" and "promoting coordination between the government and the people's court", takes information-based means as the starting point, uses blockchain technology to innovate the bankruptcy transaction mode, and solves the "blocking points" and "pain points" in the current bankruptcy transaction, It is of great innovative significance to promote "government court linkage" and improve the quality and efficiency of bankruptcy trials. The online "blockchain bankruptcy transaction linkage cloud platform" has realized the functional requirements of "blockchain bankruptcy transaction + tax", and the municipal tax bureau has become the first government department user to go online. During the trial operation, the tax authorities' demand for declaring creditor's rights and 65 managers achieved docking and integration through blockchain technology, which solved many problems of long process and high cost in the past, and achieved very good results.
        Ensure the real-time efficiency demand of handling bankruptcy cases. Through the platform, the bankruptcy administrator can complete a series of work, such as querying creditors, notifying and declaring creditors' rights, receiving and reviewing declaration materials, and Issuing the notice of audit results, so as to effectively solve the problems of complex links, cumbersome procedures, and numerous participants in bankruptcy cases. According to the traditional bankruptcy case process, the time for the administrator to handle the inquiry, notification, review, printing and mailing is about 3 hours, and the response from the tax department is about 20 days. The process takes about 22 days, and the cost of express delivery and material printing is about 20 yuan. However, it takes about 1.2 hours to handle the inquiry, notification and review through the platform. The process of the response from the tax department is up to 7 days, and the cost is 0 yuan, which can save costs and improve efficiency several times or even dozens of times.
        Ensure the information security requirements of multi department data sharing. The platform makes full use of the characteristics of blockchain technology, such as non tamperability, real-time synchronization and high security, to carry out the whole chain management of matters involving multiple government departments in the bankruptcy process. Once verified, all data information will be permanently stored and non tamperable, providing a queriable, verifiable and traceable information solution for government departments to coordinate and support the bankruptcy process and limited open data sharing. Each client can open the relevant data and information of the enterprise to the administrator through the platform, and the administrator can query, share, enter the corresponding data and handle the relevant bankruptcy affairs, so as to provide information technology guarantee for the "government court linkage" to jointly promote the construction of the rule of law government.
        Ensure the judicial fairness of bankruptcy trial. The blockchain platform has the technical advantages of multi centralization and openness. In addition to the encryption of information for handling specific bankruptcy affairs, relevant participants can query the basic information of bankrupt enterprises, the acceptance of bankruptcy applications, managers, reorganization needs, etc. through public interfaces. The platform data is open and transparent, which is conducive to the financing parties and intended reorganizers to obtain enterprise information in a more timely and convenient manner, So that the distressed enterprises with rescue value can be treated in time, so that the bankruptcy protection can give full play to the institutional advantages of fairness, openness and predictability, and give full play to the judicial protection role of the bankruptcy system. In order to further promote the coordination mechanism between the government and the people's court and strive to realize the promotion and application of "blockchain bankruptcy +" in many government departments, the Municipal Intermediate Court recently held a special meeting with the municipal development and Reform Commission and the municipal tax bureau.
        The municipal development and Reform Commission said it would vigorously support and actively promote the replication and promotion of tax blockchain samples, build a more intelligent, convenient and high-quality full process blockchain information platform in relevant government departments, and create a better business environment. The Municipal Intermediate Court pointed out that the qualitative and effective handling of bankruptcy affairs involves not only the implementation effect of the bankruptcy legal system, but also the improvement of supporting systems and mechanisms such as the rescue system, policies and measures of the administrative, judicial, financial, non-governmental and other departments for enterprises in distress. It is a systematic project that requires the linkage, coordination and support of multiple departments. Wan Guoguo, Secretary of the Party group and President of the Municipal Intermediate Court, stressed that the handling of bankruptcy affairs should continue to meet the requirements of "international first-class and domestic best". The Shenzhen bankruptcy court should give full play to the bankruptcy trial function, take the lead in coordinating the implementation of various index requirements, and add new impetus to the construction of "two districts".
        We should implement the requirements of the "list of key tasks for optimizing the business environment reform in Shenzhen in 2020", and actively promote the establishment of an efficient and collaborative bankruptcy handling system; We should pay close attention to the specific implementation of the implementation opinions of the Shenzhen intermediate people's Court on improving the quality and efficiency of "handling bankruptcy" and optimizing the business environment, promote the implementation of the guidelines for handling bankruptcy with 1+3 issued by the Shenzhen Branch of the people's Bank of China and the Shenzhen banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau through consultation, and optimize the indicators of bankruptcy handling; We should speed up the informatization and intelligence construction of the court, promote the establishment of a full process blockchain information platform around the needs of bankruptcy handling by multiple government departments, realize "one chain handling", and create a leading demonstration sample for the construction of a business environment across the country.
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